29 Apr 2012

First Blog entry....

Hello there!

Where do I begin? Well I have been told by many friends and strangers on numerous occasions that I should write a fashion blog and share my passion for fashion and my personal style. 

My fashion sense is pretty quirky and cute- GEEK-CHIC some might say. Depending what kind of mood I'm in, occasion or what the weather is like outside! I often tend to look by day like a teenage girl (I say teenage girl because I have got away with a teenage ticket at the cinema on more than one occasion!). I love dressing up in cute vintage pieces that I combine with the high street. On other occasions I might dress up more 'chic' and go for  a classic, classy number. Below is an example of me on one of my geekier days.
Gnome Jumper- Cath Kidston
Shorts- Primark
Shirt- Ralph Lauren
Trainers- Converse
Satchel- Camden Market
Scarf- Knitted by Aunty Jacquie

Like so many girls out there I love fashion, I love shopping and love looking and feeling great. I have learnt first hand that you really can do it on a budget and don't have to spend a fortune.

I remember when I first moved to London right after University and I got a job as a waitress and after work I used to walk along the streets and longingly look into the windows at all the beautiful clothes. London really is one the fashion capitals of the world and not a very fun place to be when you are dirt poor and have a shopping habit!

I used to buy Vogue with any change I had left from my tips and would flick the pages and rip out photos that I loved and place them on my wall for inspiration.

I love my clothes to be functional, comfortable, cute and colourful.
Dress- Topshop
Jacket- River Island
Bow- Primark
Necklace- Anna Lou of London

This sounds crazy but I haven't really been able to express my fashion style until the past two years or so due to my previous jobs. When I used to work at Hamleys as a children's entertainer I never really made an effort of what to wear everyday because it would end up on the floor as I always wore a costume, So I would rock up in a pretty casual ensemble. When I worked at Harrods I had to wear all black and it's very hard to be creative with a black business suit and as soon I got home the Jim-Jams would be on straight away.

Nowadays I get a chance to un-leash my inner fashionista and express my style.

                                   I love following fashion in magazines, online and do follow lots of fashion blogs. Two favourites of mine would have to be- Love from Lou Lou and The Elgin Avenue. (Be sure to check them out! they have featured in Company magazine and won the Marie Clare Magazine Fashion blog! and I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with both of the lovely ladies).

So here goes the diary of a geek-chic girl. xxxx Rebecca


  1. Loving the blog! Chic-geek is the fun way to wear clothes x

  2. Thanks!! geek-chic is fun, fabulous and cute! thanks for the comment! keep em coming! x

  3. Thanks for the mention lovely! Gonna follow your blog :-) xx


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