30 Apr 2012

Lolita Fashion

A fashion style that has it's own name, a style that is so creative, so unique, so fascinating and I personally am a big fan. I could not write a fashion blog and not mention it and all it's splendour. It might not be your cup of tea but there is no denying when you see someone walking around dressed in "Lolita" fashion you stop and stare and are simply riveted by the person wearing it. 

There have been times in London when I've been on the tube and on walks a Japanese girl dressed head-to-toe in a "Sweet Lolita"outfit. I mean head to toe literately- complete with a wig, cuddly toy bag, nails, petticoat, platform shoes with cherries on. The sheer complexity and effort of putting an outfit like that together makes you want to applaud because it's amazing. Did I mention everyone and I mean everyone in sight was staring and eyeing her outfit up and down?                                        

          photo by: Yuriko Nakao

"Lolita".....in case your not familiar originates from Japan and is believed to have started back as far as 1970. Not to be mistaken as a sexual fashion style like the famously controversial book by Vladimir Naboko. "Lolita" is intentionally created as a statement towards the female sexuality and what they wear. This style is not for the attention of men, little skin is shown, in fact in some of the more gothic styles, none apart from the face and hands are shown. The style worn is presented as 'cute' or 'elegant' rather than 'sexy'.

  • "Sweet" Lolita- This is my favourite of the bunch. The colours are softer, the themes are innocent they might be: chocolate, bunnies, hearts etc.
  • "Gothic"- Darker makeup, darker clothes, basically darker colour themes with maybe the occasional crucifix thrown in. 
  • "Punk"- ties, tattered fabric inspired from London punk.
  • "Classic"- Victorian style, not as dark as the 'gothic' style but lighter colours, frills, muted colours and not as 'cutesy' as 'sweet' lolita.
So there's a little low down about what each style is about, and those are just a few of the more poplar styles you've also got "Princess", "Casual" and "Country" Lolita I could go on and on about all the others.

As I am completely in love with Japanese culture I went along this year to 'Hyper Japan'. It's an exhibition/event held at earls court where they hold the world Saki competition, sushi competitions, fashion shows and sell Japanese food, clothes, comics, swords you name it, it's there! hell even Mario from Nintendo was there!


Before I went I did some serious research to find out what happens on the day and most importantly what the dress code was. It did say that they were having a competition for the best Cos-Play outfit. Cos-play is short for (Costume-Play) where you dress up as your favourite Japanese cartoon character. They were also having a Lolita fashion show, so I figure I'd dress up in between. Make an effort but not too crazy in case no one else showed up in Lolita. The journey there on the train I felt seriously over dressed and kept saying to my boyfriend that I bet no one else was gonna be dressed up as much as me and that maybe he should wear costume too? 

 Dress- DIVA London. Bought in a cool shop in Camden.
Cardigan- Primark
Heels- Irregular Choice
Bow- Primark
Necklace- Park Street Bristol

When we got there Jon was the one who felt left out! the majority were dressed up in all kinds of outfits it was so cool. People dressed up in cos-play, Lolita, Karate gear etc all kinds of crazy ensembles and the natural etiquette was to take photos of one another and compliment each other on outfits. My Jammie Dodger necklace was poplar, as my shoes and dress were too. Here some snaps of people who stood out to me on the day oh and the food!

Loved these girls they were best friends. Perfect example of Lolita Fashion coming across the shores to the UK. I think these girls look amazing.

I highly recommend going if you love Japanese culture....I had some prawn tempura and it tasted awesome!....If you love sushi, Saki and enjoy watching some dudes with swords fight each other it's definitely worth a look next time it comes to London again. 

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