21 May 2012

So Let's go down to the apple tree

This morning my new shoes arrived in the post! I modelled them a few weeks ago on the channel and fell in love with them. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. I love wedge heels. When you're on your feet all day and walking lots wearing heels can seriously ache and I love the fact that wedge heels are in fashion this season because I love them. You can dance for hours and hours and walk miles and miles and no problems. I love the chunky look these have.

Dress- Terminal D Covent Garden
Belt- Unknown
Shoes- Blowfish @BID TV
Bag- Camden Market

Totally In love with Nina Nesbitt's new song- The Apple Tree. 
It's what I listened to today when I was getting ready.

Love the button detail on the back

So glad I kept this necklace, I've had it for years!
It has all the members of my family on it personalised with their names.
 it's over 12 years old you can tell because my baby brothers aren't on it! :-(

New Shoes 

20 May 2012

Holy Cow

So today I went for a Kernel Sanders meets Japanese school girl kind of ensemble shall we say. Went to the cinema with friends. On the way back stopped by and visited the cows...They were very friendly and one in particular wanted in on the camera action. 

Love that cow behind me! hee hee!

My Fash-spiration Go Go from Kill Bill and the legend that is Kernel Sanders.

Shirt- Topshop

Blazer- Gift from BF

Trousers- Primark

Pumps- Primark

Bag- Ideal Home Show Ireland

19 May 2012

A good man-darin is hard to find

Been a few days since my last post and as my boyfriends been away working I haven't had his expert photography skills to document my outfits. So..... I had to go with the whole take-a-self-shot-in-the-mirror-reflection thing... I hope you don't mind. This doesn't usually do an outfit justice and you can't see my shoes.

Dress- Gift from Aunty Jacquie
Belt- Have no idea found it in my wardrobe?
Heels- You can't see they were nude and from Ebay
I love this style of dress and funny enough after listening to Radio 1 this morning on the way to work their fashion expert was talking about  'Fit and Flare' dresses on the highstreet, and how popular they are right now for the wedding season.

I think these dresses are great if you'r a little curvier on the bottom like me as they really high light the body's best feature the- waist. The flaring out of the skirt is very grecian and gives your look that feminine finish. The dress I'm wearing is more of a 'Hanky Hem' finish but it was very long so with the belt I hiked it up a bit.

Here's one similair at Topshop you can get right now. The hem line is a little longer making it a maxi but still the warm tone of coral is perfect to match any skin tone.

Topshop- £48.00
This style would be perfect with decorative beaded sandles like these
 here from River Island for £28.00

Or there's this one which I adore by New Look, the hem line, the colour all of it is perfect!
 for wedding season, or strolling around town.
Hmm....this one's on the *cinnamon wish list*

New Look- £35.00

Bag- Primark

So so so excited to be going to Turkey on wednesday for my birthday!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

x Rebecca x

***'A good man-darin is hard to find'- OPI nail colour

16 May 2012

Nailed it

Like I said yesterday I would create a video tutorial/chat/ramble about me showing you how to do your very own nail art. I've been doing it forever, as it used to be my job when I worked in Hamleys and Harrods so I would experiment with pretty much every single design on the planet. Here are just a few......

The weather was lovely so I sat outside in the garden and filmed this just for you! 

xx Rebecca

15 May 2012

"We're flat broke but hey we do it in style...."

I've been a busy bee this weekend presenting at the channel and then working at the Professional Beauty Show in Birmingham selling Nail Art pens. I've had lots of comments about my Hello Kitty nails and how to do it so.... tomorrow I'll make a video about it and show you how! It's easy peasy!

Essie- Mint Candy Apple
When I got dressed this morning I was having a look through my wardrobe and thought....."Wow! a good majority of my clothes are from Primark....aren't they?" and you know what I am not ashamed to say that. I know it's a case of loving it or hating it but I am a lover and you know what I have some seriously good pieces from there!

What I wore today.....

Top- Primark
Cardigan- All Saints
Trousers- Primark
Shoes- Sketchers
Bag- Camden Market
Scarf- Mummy's.
Necklace- Top Shop
Glasses- Primark

I am not a snobby shopper....if it looks great, feels great and is reasonably priced then fair enough. Once in a while I love splashing out on the occasional extravagant purchase, but given my current profession as a freelance presenter who graduated a few years ago from uni....and I might add who still hasn't started paying her student loan back (ermmm yeah don't tell them!) I shop like any twenty something girl on the high street, ASOS, Ebay and charity shops. 

Buddhalicious Shoes- Sketchers
Bracelet- Fashion Angels
Nails- MOI!
I feel my fashion life is summed up by the lyrics to one of my favourite songs by the New Radicals- You Only Get What You Give. (By the way if you don't know the song I suggest you go onto Youtube right now and listen to it! because it's an epic feel good tune!) where they sing

"We're flat broke but hey we do it in style"

....seriously it's the way I roll!....

 Ok you know what let's play a  quick game of ' Spot the PRIMARK'....

Primark Dress at worn at Sophies Wedding

Primark Coat

Spongebob- Primark
Skirt- Primark

So there you have it. 
I'd love to hear from you and you're favourite Primark outfits. 
xxx Rebecca xxx

12 May 2012

Lady In Red

I am so pleased to report that Friday was a truly splendiferus day! is that even a word? Well I'm using it in this context because it really was! The moment I woke up I was already buzzing because it was sunny outside yay! and secondly because it was the day I was going into London town to meet up with my bessie Kayla and watch the 'World Burlesque Games' competition. We had planned to get dressed in full 1950's gear and have a ball.......and did we!

The sunshine was beautiful and this field of rapeseed is around the corner from where I live. Who would of thought? Ah! to live in the 'Garden of England'....In case you're not familiar that's what they call the county of Kent. (Rapeseed by the way is horrendous for people with hay fever...ahhh choo!)

Clutch- Nine West

Dress- Vivienne Of Holloway
Petticoat- Ebay

This particular dress from Vivienne of Holloway I absolutely adore and bought over a year ago for a presenting screen test on a whim! I haven't really had many opportunities to bring it out as it's a bit RAH! But today was the perfect excuse, a Burlesque show and other people dressing up too.

Kayla and I ventured into Brick Lane to do some vintage shopping and have a wonder. I will admit that these dresses did create a stir amongst a lot of people throughout the day- stopping us and wanting to take photos, meeting other fellow fashion bloggers, I even had one man on the tube stop and applaud me on my outfit...which was rather nice!

Get Kaylas Look
Dress- Ebay
Pumps- Newlook
Sunglasses- Primark

I took a ridiculous amount of photos today...I did get rather snap happy! Here are some of my favourite throughout the day.

Shoes- Irregular Choice

SUNSHINE!!!!! yay! makes me happy!
We even found a retro car that a production company were using!
and they let us take a few snaps!

The show itself was incredible, the calibre of talent was exceptional. Some truly talented ladies that we can expect some really big things from on the Burlesque circuit. Everybody that attended also looked fantastic, here are some people that really caught my eye.

Dress- Red Herring @ Debenhams
Bag- Vintage
Shoes- Clarks
Dress- Miss-Fortune

Fut- Vintage
Corset- Boutique In Essex
Skirt- River Island

A magical night!

I really recommend if you love Burlesque do go along the next year it's on, it's a really fun night.

Every girl should own a fabulous dress in their wardrobe that they feel great in.


"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"
-Co Co Chanel

Have a lovely weekend.
Rebecca xxx

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