3 May 2012


New Look. ..I love this!!!!

This summer season it's all about Calypso/Tropical prints up and down on the high street. Palm trees, flamingos, hula dancers, bananas, exotic leaves splashed across shorts, dresses and shirts.


I absolutely adore this trend which I think is fun, colourful and cute. I myself have a few tropical things in my wardrobe that I've collected over the years, They are perfect on holiday where it's hot, you've got a sweet tan going on and your away in a mysterious foreign land and it only seems natural to wear an outfit to reflect that and your current state of mind!

Only downside is if you step outside your door and wear a tropical play suit or Hawaiian shirt complete with flip-flops and it's cloudy or begins to rain it does look a bit odd and you feel rather silly. This has happened to me so many times. The answer to this what I saw yesterday on a mannequin is teaming it up with a black leather jacket. So you've got that edgy/carefree look going on!

I went into London yesterday catch up with a girlfriend and we went browsing along the vintage stores even they are getting in on it. Rail after rail of Hawaiian and Tiki shirts for the fellas which for girls you could easily just tie it in like ASOS has done with their Florida shirt. 

What I wore Wednesday....
Cape- Primark
Jumper- Vintage
Skirt- Primark
Sneakers- Vans
Satchel- Camden Market
Jumper- Vintage
Shirt- Ralph Lauren
Sneakers- Vans @ Schuh
Satchel- Camden Market
Absolutely adore this jumper! it's a hand wash had for ages but such a beauty!
Complete with red bow and red lippy to match. x


  1. Your sweater is sooo nice and cool!
    Love the owl print on it!
    Nice blog! :)
    Wanna follow each other?

  2. Thanks Nici! love my owl jumper!!

    whats the address for your blog! of course! xx

  3. Rebecca! I had the same sweater! I got it at a thrift store in Indiana years ago!! If only I took pictures! My older sister and I took turns wearing it with various plaid blouses underneath and high-waisted jeans! I knew I loved your vibe, and now I know I shall follow your blog religiously 4EV-UH!

    Rebekah Z


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