10 May 2012

ET Phone Home

So today I premiered the new ET dress I picked up in Bristol (which by the way I got for an absolute bargain at £20 boom! because I made a fuss about some poor stitching). Not to get completely sidetracked from today's fashion but I absolutely adore ET the film....who doesn't? OK let's all just take a moment and appreciate the amazingness that is ET. 

Drew Barrymore and ET

The music, the actors.... hey come to think of it what the heck is that Elliot fella up to these days? He was terrific child actor, the crying, the wailing, the screaming hell he should of got an Oscar if you ask me! I cry every time I see that movie. 

Which leads us to my new ET dress I wore today, yes it was rainy and cloudy once again...no surprises there! So I had to team it up with black boots and a black coat, which in hindsight now wasn't that stylish. Luckily in the morning when these shots were taken wasn't too bad. In fact it looks rather sunny outside! ha take that weather! 
Dress- Vintage
Belt- Gift from my sister Amber x
Satchel- Camden Market
Earings- Accessorize

I love the contrast of the red satchel, makes it pop x

Vintaged mixed with this customised ET patch work

I love my fashion to be diverse and I love to have pieces in my wardrobe that reflect my personality especially with prints of my favourite things on. It's one of my fashion weaknesses. If I see dresses or tops with prints of animals, movies, dinosaurs or garden gnomes on it's pretty much in the bag and I want and need it in my life. The main reason is because it makes me smile, and most importantly as they say because it really is an extension of your personality. The next time you see an outfit that makes you laugh, buy it! I guarantee you won't regret it, some of my most favourite outfits are the ones that make me laugh and you'll get the most wear out of them time and time again. xx Rebecca


  1. Wow! I absolutely love that dress, the fact it has ET on it is amazing. Your hair looks super cute here, too. :)

  2. Loving it, I can't remember the first ET dress, I would like an image of that one too please!

  3. Thanks girls. I also own an ET hoody that I picked up from the ET ride in Orlando. It's red like the one Elliot wears in the movie. xxx

  4. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  5. Thanks Laura for the kind feedback! I would love to follow each other whats the link to your blog?

    xxx Rebecca @ The Cinnamon Slipper x

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie! Could you please put your followers list in the wall and let me know so I can follow your lovely blog?

  7. Thanks Laura, ha i've been reluctant as I have got many yet! lots and lots of views but not so many cinnamon sticks (followers) hah! feel free to join xxx Rebecca

  8. I love it! Wonderful, and you you look great in this!


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