19 May 2012

A good man-darin is hard to find

Been a few days since my last post and as my boyfriends been away working I haven't had his expert photography skills to document my outfits. So..... I had to go with the whole take-a-self-shot-in-the-mirror-reflection thing... I hope you don't mind. This doesn't usually do an outfit justice and you can't see my shoes.

Dress- Gift from Aunty Jacquie
Belt- Have no idea found it in my wardrobe?
Heels- You can't see they were nude and from Ebay
I love this style of dress and funny enough after listening to Radio 1 this morning on the way to work their fashion expert was talking about  'Fit and Flare' dresses on the highstreet, and how popular they are right now for the wedding season.

I think these dresses are great if you'r a little curvier on the bottom like me as they really high light the body's best feature the- waist. The flaring out of the skirt is very grecian and gives your look that feminine finish. The dress I'm wearing is more of a 'Hanky Hem' finish but it was very long so with the belt I hiked it up a bit.

Here's one similair at Topshop you can get right now. The hem line is a little longer making it a maxi but still the warm tone of coral is perfect to match any skin tone.

Topshop- £48.00
This style would be perfect with decorative beaded sandles like these
 here from River Island for £28.00

Or there's this one which I adore by New Look, the hem line, the colour all of it is perfect!
 for wedding season, or strolling around town.
Hmm....this one's on the *cinnamon wish list*

New Look- £35.00

Bag- Primark

So so so excited to be going to Turkey on wednesday for my birthday!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

x Rebecca x

***'A good man-darin is hard to find'- OPI nail colour

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