12 May 2012

Lady In Red

I am so pleased to report that Friday was a truly splendiferus day! is that even a word? Well I'm using it in this context because it really was! The moment I woke up I was already buzzing because it was sunny outside yay! and secondly because it was the day I was going into London town to meet up with my bessie Kayla and watch the 'World Burlesque Games' competition. We had planned to get dressed in full 1950's gear and have a ball.......and did we!

The sunshine was beautiful and this field of rapeseed is around the corner from where I live. Who would of thought? Ah! to live in the 'Garden of England'....In case you're not familiar that's what they call the county of Kent. (Rapeseed by the way is horrendous for people with hay fever...ahhh choo!)

Clutch- Nine West

Dress- Vivienne Of Holloway
Petticoat- Ebay

This particular dress from Vivienne of Holloway I absolutely adore and bought over a year ago for a presenting screen test on a whim! I haven't really had many opportunities to bring it out as it's a bit RAH! But today was the perfect excuse, a Burlesque show and other people dressing up too.

Kayla and I ventured into Brick Lane to do some vintage shopping and have a wonder. I will admit that these dresses did create a stir amongst a lot of people throughout the day- stopping us and wanting to take photos, meeting other fellow fashion bloggers, I even had one man on the tube stop and applaud me on my outfit...which was rather nice!

Get Kaylas Look
Dress- Ebay
Pumps- Newlook
Sunglasses- Primark

I took a ridiculous amount of photos today...I did get rather snap happy! Here are some of my favourite throughout the day.

Shoes- Irregular Choice

SUNSHINE!!!!! yay! makes me happy!
We even found a retro car that a production company were using!
and they let us take a few snaps!

The show itself was incredible, the calibre of talent was exceptional. Some truly talented ladies that we can expect some really big things from on the Burlesque circuit. Everybody that attended also looked fantastic, here are some people that really caught my eye.

Dress- Red Herring @ Debenhams
Bag- Vintage
Shoes- Clarks
Dress- Miss-Fortune

Fut- Vintage
Corset- Boutique In Essex
Skirt- River Island

A magical night!

I really recommend if you love Burlesque do go along the next year it's on, it's a really fun night.

Every girl should own a fabulous dress in their wardrobe that they feel great in.


"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"
-Co Co Chanel

Have a lovely weekend.
Rebecca xxx


  1. How many pairs of shoes did you wear? Bring on the devil horns x

  2. Ha ha! well spotted!! I wore these red ones in the field, changed my mind and went for the irregular choice and packed flats too! it was a long day! so took two pairs of shoes!! lots and lots of walking! xx


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