1 May 2012

One persons trash is another's treasure....Charity Shop Gems


Did she just say howdy? errrm Yes she did! ha you'll get used to me oh and my excessive use of exclamation marks too! I hope you've had a lovely weekend and haven't let this weather dampen your spirits too much. I know it does to me, a week straight of rain isn't very inspiring but ALAS! On Monday down in Kent we had a lovely day where it was SUNNY! hurrah and it didn't rain! so I took a chance and put on a more summery outfit, it was a 'chic' day.

Lace Dress- Camden Market
Cardigan- Primark
Bow- Primark
Necklace- Boutique in Peterborugh
complete with fish tail plait! x

Tuesday 1st May. x

Blouse- Hello Kitty at Forever 21
Head Scarf- My Mummy's!
Coat- Primark
Earings- Topshop
Flares- Primark

Today I had a stroll around the charity shops in Gravesend. I like, so many people absolutely love charity shops, the things you can find in them are amazing! Today I picked up some jewellery from next to nothing. 

It is a case of trailing through rail after rail which usually I'm not a fan of.  I do like to walk into a shop and just gravitate towards the things that instantly that jump out at me. The majority of the time with charity shops you will find nothing but then other times you might just find an absolute gem which makes it all worth it. Below are some of my favourite charity shop finds. 

Duck jumper- Red Cross
Shirt- RSPCA
Dress- Hospice

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