9 May 2012

Rain, Rain go away

I'm all for experimenting and working my winter wardrobe but I am now well and truly over it. I am desperate to rock out in my flip flops, maxi's and pretty summer dresses and walk out the door simply in a light cardigan. I think I tempted fate when a few weeks ago we had a brilliant spell of weather and decided to switch around my wardrobe and put away all my wooly jumpers in the loft and bring out all  of my summer gear. BIG MISTAKE. 

What I wore today. Wednesday 9th May. Weather- wet, cold, cloudy.

Hat- Vintage
Coat- GAP
Dress- Terminal D Covent Garden
Scarf- Camden Market
Necklace- Charity Shop
Boots- Shoe Zone
Bag- Camden Market

I'm staying optimistic though constantly checking the weather app on my phone for that little sunshine icon. On the bright side though it's only 14 days away till my holiday in Turkey!! cannot wait! Sun, sea, and fine company.

x Rebecca 


  1. It may be rubbish weather but at least it hasn't stopped you styling yourself beautifully! I keep checking my weather app on a daily basis too and even when there's a sunshine icon, it's sadly still not warm.
    Loving your new blog sweetie. You've got it looking gorgeous xx

  2. Thanks lou lou!! Thanks so much for the advice you are an angel. We have to catch up soon once you get your internet connection going. Skype? or an interview exclusive with the fabulous lou lou. Yes Please, I might even set you a fashion challenge! Stay fabulous, stay gorgeous

  3. "Big Mistake.....Huge" Love a Pretty Woman quote every now and again! Looking stylish, supermodel!

  4. I love pretty Woman! thanks Mini Mission x


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