21 May 2012

So Let's go down to the apple tree

This morning my new shoes arrived in the post! I modelled them a few weeks ago on the channel and fell in love with them. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. I love wedge heels. When you're on your feet all day and walking lots wearing heels can seriously ache and I love the fact that wedge heels are in fashion this season because I love them. You can dance for hours and hours and walk miles and miles and no problems. I love the chunky look these have.

Dress- Terminal D Covent Garden
Belt- Unknown
Shoes- Blowfish @BID TV
Bag- Camden Market

Totally In love with Nina Nesbitt's new song- The Apple Tree. 
It's what I listened to today when I was getting ready.

Love the button detail on the back

So glad I kept this necklace, I've had it for years!
It has all the members of my family on it personalised with their names.
 it's over 12 years old you can tell because my baby brothers aren't on it! :-(

New Shoes 


  1. love the photo's

  2. Wow, you're doing well with all your blog posts! I've been a bit away from blogging as firstly I didn't have the internet in my new flat and then work/flatmate searching took over. However, I've now found a flatmate and can start blogging more! Writing a blog for my work too, can't remember if I told you. Anyways, loving all your photos and your new shoes are so cute with the ankle socks! xx

  3. Thanks Lou Lou, Yeah been busy past week or so. I don't know how you've coped without the internet! Were your new flatmate requirements "must be good at photography!" hee hee. I've checked you team toppers blog! love it!!!

    must catch up soon lovely.
    stay fabulous xxxxx

  4. Beautiful dress! I love it! :)
    Also just found your blog on company and I'm loving it!

    1. Dear Alice,

      Thanks for stopping by! my blog is very new! and love hearing from new visitors!

      xxxx rebecca

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    Just found your blog on company and I love it! your style is great, I'm now following and I look forward to your future posts of loveliness!
    Love Coco x x x

    1. Dear Co co,

      Thanks for the lovely feedback! I've just got back from my holiday! so expect my newest post to arrive very very soon!! will check out your blog in the meantime!

      x love Rebecca


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