28 Jun 2012

Deadly Is The Female

Last sunday I did some modelling for the website.
I cannot express how much I have always loved the clothes that they sell
and I was honoured to be asked to model for them.

I arrived to be greeted by the lovely owner herself Claudia and her team.
Hair and Makeup was styled by Lolita Noir

Had a look at what Lolita Noir/ Claudia had planned
prior to the shoot of what
my makeup and would look like.

My hair was to be like Betty Pages, Katy Perry etc.

Claudia adding accessories

Lolita Noir fixing my hair

Striking a pose

The shoot was really fun we had a really good giggle, and I really couldn't decide which dress was my favourite and which one I am going to chose! 
we got to pick our own music when it was our turn to model.
My choice of music while modelling was....Girls Aloud and The Pussy Cat Dolls! 
Can't beat a good bit of girlie pop to get you going!

SHOES! I am IN LOVE with the Vivienne Westwood- Skyscrapers wore
them lots during the shoot.....the most COMFORTABLE heels I have ever worn!
on my wish list!

Gomez the dog.

And here are a few of the shots....wanna see more?
head to 
all photography by

Kevin Mitchell

wanna see more? 

you know where to go ;-) 

stay fabulous, x Rebecca x

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