22 Jun 2012

Divine Vintage

Well shortly after I wrote my blog post about my LOVE of Camden Market and my little feature of a vintage store that I came across that took my fancy
 'Berty and Gerty' 
they read my post and got in contact and asked me if I would for me to do some modelling for their 

I used to love making collages when I was younger of things I loved
so I made a collage of all the outfits I modelled. x

What I love most about this particular vintage store is that the couple that own it  "Berty and Gerty" (their alter egos!) hand select every single piece they sell.  Rather than some vintage stores seem to be like a jumble sale of odds and ends and you're trailing through the rails, Berty and Gerty has some truly divine vintage gems.

It is so hard to say which pieces I loved the most as after I tried on outfit after outfit
 I kept saying to Emma (Gerty)
"Oh I love this one!" and "Oh gosh this one is amazing". 
Seriously! and even pieces that I would never usually consider wearing, I loved. 

Everything single thing you see me wearing you can buy right now from their
ASOS Market Place shop (click!)
wherever you are in the world they ship worldwide too!
while stocks last of course! and when you do! send me a photo of you wearing it and i'll
feature you on 'The Cinnamon Slipper'. 

Now you're gonna say well which ones are your favourite? 
Well these one's would have to be. 

The Cinnamon Slipper's fab 3

1. Sequin Corset- I absolutely loved this the second I put it on! up close it reminded me of a mermaids tail! the bead work was divine and fitted me perfectly.
2. The Crop Top/Skirt Combo- I have never really done the crop top combination before myself,
but this style was flattering on my body shape. The crop top was very reminiscent
of an old fashioned gypsy- style look.
3. Retro Print Shirt- My weakness is quirky prints and this shirt's colours complimented one another perfectly, and the prints were off old fashioned Paris posters.


  1. ok i want that cardigan with the place names on it; im officially tracking the asos marketplace for it to come online!

    1. ha ha! it's mint isn't it?? should be up later today/tomorrow!! xxx

  2. Oh the perks of blogging! I remember when shooting you at uni that you're a natural model so they're lucky to have you model for their Marketplace. I like the quirky printed top best too! xx


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