8 Jun 2012

Friday I'm In Love

♫ ♪ The Cure- Friday I'm In Love ♫ ♪

I've just got back from a spontaneous trip to see my girlies in Peterborough. 
It was completely spur of the moment and I literately packed my bag and went!
Top- TopShop
Skirt- River Island
Shoes- Vans At schuh

Kayla's gorgeous doggy Dougie. x
 Kayla is so lucky she literately has a walk in wardrobe bedroom! Yes an entire room for her wardrobe, accessories, makeup and Burlesque gear! We all had a root through her wardrobe and no lie had a look at every single item of clothing and gave a critique hee hee I raided her clothes and came up with this ensemble for the day! Everything minus the shoes and bow is Kayla's. Thanks angel!

I highly recommend doing swapsies with your girlfriends girls. We have now set up a clothing rotation amongst ourselves where clothes we aren't wearing much, or have worn to death we send to each other so we have new outfits! This beautiful yellow skirt I've managed to get this rotation which I am totally in love with. 

Have loved spending time with my girlies days filled with 
laughter, giggles, gossip, fajitas, 
chocolate- lots of chocolate, painting, 
Dougie love and tiger bread!

Whenever we meet up we always catch up and go to a local ceramic painting cafe and I this time around I painted a mermaid plate. Mermaids are something my sisters and I have always been obsessed with since we have been little girls and they till this very day remain magical and beautiful to me. 

2 Weeks time it will be glazed, fired and sent in the post.
 I can add it to my collection! and not to mention I can eat my dinner off it!! 

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