5 Jun 2012

God Save the Queen

I have absolutely loved the Jubilee festivities this weekend, and the fact it's been days and days of celebrations, why not? Seeing people driving about with flags on their cars, people decorating their houses, the colours of red, white and blue taking over the high street, the overall British spirit is quite tangible.

Dress- ASOS
Cardigan-Phase Eight
Shoes- Blowfish
Necklace- BS8

 I went along to a family garden party on the Monday and had a fabulous time. This particular dress I am thinking of selling as this is only the second time I have ever worn it.  Shameful I know! I forget how lovely it is, but we all know the rule of if you haven't worn it in a year it should go.

 I think this outfit is a bit like a human flag but it's good fun and a cute spin on wearing the colours without over kill.
Love my jammie dodger necklace!

I ate an absurd amount of food! these are just some of the treats that were on offer

to here's to you dear Queenie! Happy 60 years!

xx Rebecca xx


  1. Hi Rebecca! I just wanted to say your blog is lovely and I think you have great style! I have serious lust for your shoes!

    Mona x

    1. Hey Mona!,

      Thanks so much! funny enough i was looking at your blog today too? did you know that? haha? look your quirky posts!

      My shoes I got them from work! www.bid.tv! I have worn them sooooooo much! They are so easy to walk in, wear them for hours and hours.

      Rebecca xxx


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