20 Jun 2012

The Red Shoes

Again a beautiful day of sunshine and I couldn't wait to wear my new dress that I got the other day from Camden.

Naturally the shoes that would of gone with this delicate lace dress would have been a pair of white pumps or cream heels, but I decided to be a bit adventurous and opt for these red ribbon heels. I've had these heels forever! I have even done a contemporary dance in them! They are quite a legendary item in my wardrobe. I opted for no accessories as I think the red shoes speak volumes for themselves.

Dress- Camden Market
Heels- ASOS

I like to take gambles with my fashion and I think it's fun to once in a while; 
why dress like everybody else? 

The white dress, red shoes combination today is inspired by the Hollywood classic featuring the beautiful Moira Shearer 'The Red Shoes'. 
I've seen the film once and to be honest was a little horrified by the ending!
(I won't spoil it for you!)
 But apart from that the cinematography is visually stunning. 
'The Red Shoes'  1948

Dress- Camden
Bag- Primark
Shoes- ASOS
 The following captions are lyrics to songs I am currently listening to while I write my blog. If you're looking to listen to something new and lovely why not go onto youtube and listen to them while you read my blog? let me know your thoughts!

"Daydream I feel asleep amid the flowers, for a couple of hours on a beautiful day"
- I Monster- 'Daydream in blue'

"I was a little girl alone in my little world who dreamed of a little home for me.
I played pretend between the trees, and fed my house guests bark and leaves,
and laughed in my pretty bed of green."
Priscilla Ahn 'Dream'

"She's elusive and I'm awake, You're finally real there's nothing fake,
 mystery now to me and you open my eyes, And I'm next to you"
- 'Elusive'- Scott Matthews

"Blue jeans, white shirt walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn"
-Lana Del Ray- 'Blue Jeans'

Today's shoot was quite a laugh if I'm honest. "Elegant" and "floaty" was the look I was going for but in reality the actual process was quite funny. 
My boyfriend was out of town and he's the photographer for all my posts so I decided to venture out on my own with my camera in tow. 
Kent is such a beautiful place to live and this little field is right by me.

Went for a walk and not having a camera tripod I improvised and took my easel and some blue tac?! and you know what I am rather pleased with my resourcefulness because the shots turned out alright! 

Funniest moment had to be when one the horses/pony? not sure came right up to me- 
No fear this horse! and started to sniff my easel!
It's just an easel I promise!


xxx Rebecca xxx


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