13 Jun 2012

Sunny Road

"It's time, meet me on the sunny road"

The first rays of sunshine in days today and like a child I gleefully got out of bed and put on a summer dress and plaited my hair. Hurrah! 
England you have once again restored my faith in you for this summer's weather!!! 
You should of seen me! It was ridiculous, bare legs out, no tights, I braved it and so glad I did. 

You would of never of thought it been pouring down for days on end the way the sunshine looked today. It was a beautiful day! 
Dress- Camden Market
Belt- Gift from sister Amber
Shoes- Fly London @Office
 Today was the day I planned to meet up with my dear friend Sandy in Camden for a spot of shopping, lunch and a catch up. 

If you have the pleasure of living in London or even going for the day....in my opinion sack off the high street and go to Camden Market.

Now you might say "Oh but what about Oxford Street?". Well that's great if you want your fix of Topshop and the biggest Primark known to man (which by the way be prepared to queue forever for the changing room!) and every other major shopping retailer but I honestly don't really rate the overall shopping experience there. Way too many tourists and way too busy all day everyday.

However if you really want a pleasurable shopping experience and something a little quirkier it's where you need to go. Especially on a sunny day it's truly delightful I dare say. Vintage store after vintage store, loads of cute Chinese market stallers with pretty lace numbers from abroad, some things which I don't care for like offensive t-shirts....errrm no thanks! ha ha and some brilliant bags.

Today I was mainly going along for some lunch and ended up coming home with an entire outfit or two! (Courtesy of Mama Bear birthday money! thank you!) Sandy ended up getting a fabulous dress too!

Nautical Dress and red scarf to match
was Sandy's first purchase of the day!

I love really unique vintage shops and a shop I came across today in Camden that stood out and had such a beautiful layout and a brilliant selection of vintage goodies was 'Berty and Gerty'

On first impressions it instantly struck a cord with me because it had a GNOME table! 
which was EPIC!!!

I'm a little gnome table! short and stout....

I was rather loud when I expressed how much I loved it when the kind gentlemen called 'Berty'- (great name!) working in the shop told me how he MADE IT!!? After a chit chat I discovered that this gem of a vintage shop belonged to him and the one upstairs too. Which I did visit earlier and I did express how friendly the lady was inside to me and Sandy.

He let me take photos of his shop which was very kind of him, as lots of shop owners are never really keen for photographs. "No photographs!!" boo!

What's that about people? Seriously? Because look what I'm gonna do now! Gonna big up Berty big style!

Berty the Owner with his fabulous array of Hats and treasures for sale

If you don't have the pleasure of going down to 'Berty and Gerty' in Camden they have a fabulous website www.bertyandgerty.co.uk and also a 'Marketplace' shop on ASOS.com. (which Berty and I had a good chat about).

 "I LOVE THAT! oh look Sandy it's got Japanese style koi fishes on it!"- Me
"Errr Bex those are chickens!"- Sandy
"I love it! I'm buying it"- Me

Love it! so unusual and I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe! £20!

The shopping didn't end there!! we found more!!!
SOLD! hee hee
Sandy's Butterfly Cardigan- £34
My Lace dress- £22
Red Belt- £12

Can I just say that the majority of everything I tried on today required me walking out of my changing room and looking at the mirror on the shop floor. Which I cannot stand. Major, MAJOR shopping hate. Hands up who hates this horrible boutique style set up? I know it's a ploy so we have to interact with them blah blah blah. 

There have been times when I've looked in the mirror, it clearly looks awful and the assistant says 
"Oh it's so you!"....no it clearly isn't stop lying.

I like to look in the mirror in the changing room cubicle throw a few shapes and poses around
(which we all secretly do!!)
and figure out how much I love it and quietly justify to myself the following:
if I really need it, can afford it, do I have similar things, what will it go with....

Come on you've seen that famous scene in 'Romy and Michelle's Highschool Reunion'.

Ok rant over! hee hee Apart from that a truly perfect day, above is all the sweet cinnamon I got today!
To top it off Jon's famous spaghetti for dinner. yummy.

x Rebecca x

♫ ♪ Sunny Road- Emiliana Torrini ♫ ♪


  1. ooh loving that chicken dress! such a gorgeous turquoise blue! i've never been to camden market but now want nothing more than to grab Lisa and go for a day's girly shop! Next time I'm in London, it is first on my visit list ; thats Cinnamon Slipper! :)

    1. Ha ha yeah the chicken number is awesome!! You've never been to Camden Market? No exhaggeration it's AMAZING!!!! seriously it's a blast!!! you will find soooooo many things you want be prepared!

      Yeah take Lisa and make a day of it! lunch, shopping, crepes, drinks!


  2. I've already popped onto Berty and Gerty's website and want to buy the entire place lol.

    1. oh what a lovely little place i just discovered! thank you for commenting on my blog and leading me to yours! you look so darling in this yellow dress and i love your braided hair! and those multicolour wedges. oh i thought first too the chickens are koi haha omg but the print is really fabulous and i can see that you needed it;)
      well you got yourself a new follower now;)

    2. Dear Mary Lou,
      I came across your blog because it had 'cinnamon' on it too!! so had to check out a fellow cinnamon lover! ha ha. Love your blog too lovely!

      chicken top had to be done!! thanks for following!!

      xx Rebecca

  3. I miss Camden so much! Most of my favourite nights out have been there, and when I eventually move back to London I'd probably move there. That boutique looks so gorgeous. You'll have to take me there when I'm visiting next. Absolutely LOVE that cream dress you bought. xx

    1. Thanks lovely, the cream dress was such a bargain. I saw it hanging up on a wall display and instantly fell in love with it!!

      Let me know when you're next down in london we must do coffee (well in my case hot chocolate!)


  4. Wow! I actually think the chickens on the shirt are really cute, i thought they were koi fish too in the picture... Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

    Katy x

    1. I haven't worn it yet! think I might tomorrow!!

      xx rebecca

  5. What a great way to spend the day. The white dress looks phenomenal. I've been to London, but haven't been shopping in Camden yet. Maybe next time!


    1. You must do Camden, It's 100 times better than Oxford Street. Original and unique quirky things and some brilliant vintage. When you do let me know your thoughts!

      well check out your blog now!

      take care melissa

      rebecca xx

  6. I love the yellow dress and the photos are so fabulous. I just found your blog and I love it.


    1. Dear Carlee,

      Thanks so much hun! where'd you find me? Love new vistors and comments! love your blog name going to check it out now! love discovering new blogs!!

      Yellow dress is one of my favs!

      xxx Rebecca

  7. I like so much the combinations here!


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