30 Jun 2012

Tiny Salmon Swimming in the stream

Dress- Vintage (belongs to my sisters)
Heels- New Look
Bag- Primark

Thank you to my sister Amber for loaning me this dress!

The Button detail is stunning
Monica's Vintage Fair
Today we all went along to Monica's Vintage fair in Gravesend. 
I haven't been to the previous one's but the Baker Girls
 (Jon's mummy and her sisters! 'the aunties' as I call them!) have gone before and have loved it.
 I have always been working when it's been on
but I purposely made sure I booked work off for it!

We all dressed up for the occasion!
Left to Right- Gill, Jacquie, me and Carole 

I bought 2 of these hair pieces from this beautiful stall
'Alice Brown's Cupboard'
A beautiful stall 'Vintage Curves' had original vintage wedding dresses, and recreated Vintage dresses made by hand below the lovely ladies below. 

Vintage Curves

Vintage Curves


Vintage wedding dresses by
The cake selection was amazing!!!
I went for a classic victoria sponge which tasted AMAZING!!! no lie!
Singing by the Scarlett Starlet's
they were fantastic!

What did I buy? WELL!...this beautiful blue dress.

also a scarf and some hair clips! 

which no doubt you will see me wearing soon!

A fantastic day!
x Rebecca x


  1. Don't you ladies look lovely! Monica's Vintage Fair looks fabulous. x

    1. was a fabulous day out and the cake was soooooo good! ha x


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