2 Jun 2012

Turkish Delight

Hello! I'm back from my holiday in Turkey did you miss me? Well I certainly missed you!

While I was away for 9 days I was challenged to not use any of the following: my iPhone, laptop, Internet, TV, Facebook or Blogspot...pretty much no technology but with the exception of my trusty camera. Just listing all those things makes me sound like some pathetic, needy cyber-gadget-junkie hmmm...I rather like that term....in fact as of here and now I officially came up with that term! Boom! You laugh but I am such a geek I am constantly linked up to one my gadgets at any given time it's so bad. You know what?  I didn't miss any of it, we were so busy on adventures, I kicked back wrote in my diary and finished the rest of the Hunger Games trilogy...which I am now sad about because those books had me hooked.
At the Lagoon in Olundiniz

Jonathan and I stayed in the beautiful land that is Fethiye in Turkey, as you can see it's a magical place with mountains and stunning beaches.

Scarf- Mummys
Tank- Primark
Bag- Primark

That outfit was sponsored by Primark ha ha

The weather was insane! Sunny and hot everyday.
We were very lucky! and a holiday packing first for me. I wore every single thing I packed in my suitcase!
*cue the fanfare sound effect*
Which is quite remarkable considering us girls always pack way too much stuff for our holiday bearing in mind that "just incase" outfit. I'm glad I didn't pack any high heels but opted for my new wedges from work because the roads in Turkey were very rocky and un even. 


Milkshakes are great

Using nature to accessorise

Dress- Primark
Belt- Topshop

All the wild horses

T-shirt- Truly,Madly, Deeply at Urban Outfitters
Braceletts- Turkish Market
Trainers- Primark

Boob Tube- Matalan
Skirt- Village
Sandles- Primark
Sunglasses- Turkish Market

I'm going to go all Julie Andrews on you now and tell you some of
my favourite holiday things:

*minimal makeup*
* no need to blowdry you hair*
*Pina Coladas are acceptable all day long*
*I didn't bother to straighten my hair so I went el-naturel (for me that's fuzzy, frizzy hair!)*
*Living in flip flops*
*Eating fresh Lobster for dirt cheap*
*a little tan*
*swimming in the sea*
*The smell of suncream*
*we saw turtles!*
*haggling in the market for jewellery*
*perfect company*

Maxi Dress- Traffic People

Playsuit- Topshop
Earrings- Accessorize

My Birthday day out!
Top- Primark
Sandles- Office

Scuba Shoes

Dress- Gift from Aunty Jacquie
Shoes- Blowfish @ bid TV
Belt- Unknown
Bracelett- Harrods

Jonathan and I packed alot of sunglasses!
you can never have too many!

I chose a lobster and then I ate him.
I called him Larry. and he tasted great.
apologies to the vege's out there.

Taking a birthday swim in the sea!



  1. Looks like you had a fabulous birthday and holiday! Love your holiday outfits, especially the Topshop playsuit which suits you so much. xx

    1. Love the playsuit was in the 'Buy it now or regret it later' rail...so glad I did!! love it! x

  2. That maxi-dress is so lovely<3 Nice photos too :)


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