1 Jul 2012

She sells sea shells on the seashore

Had a fantastic day with Jon in Whitstable bay. 
The weather was all over the place but we had a blast walking around browsing through the charity shops and walking along the shore for miles hunting for a crab.
(I just love sea creatures!)

Jon calls this cardigan the 'Balamory' Cargian! ha because of the different coloured pom poms!
Cardigan- Camden Market
Shirt- Alex and Co
Trousers- Primark
Satchel- Camden
Scarf- New! Vintage from Monica's Vintage Fair!

Jon found me a little baby crab!!
he's was a feisty little mover! hee hee


Too much fun? eeeek!
My red glitter vans had a good time it would seem!

She sells sea shells on the seashore

x Rebecca x


  1. That last picture is beyond beautiful. Jon is getting so good at photography! And you're becoming such a good blogger it's starting to put mine to shame! xx

    1. Yeah Jon is definitely getting into his photography now! thanks hun that's very nice to say that!! that reminds me must do a guest blog on you soon!! xxx

  2. Hadn't read them for ages, and really loved catching up superstar!!!!! Keep is S! xxxx

    1. Thanks lovely!! hope you enjoyed them! xx

  3. What a fun area, looks so charming. You look so adorable with your pom-pom sweater!

    1. pom pom sweater is worn all the time!! best purchase made in a while! £20 and it's cuteness and comfortable-ness personified! loungin about in the house in it...to throwing it over a dress!

      Whitstable is such a cute little village! xx


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