27 Jul 2012

The Song Of Purple Summer

On Wednesday we went along to a Lavender farm in Kent. Lavender fields are very rare; I'd never been to one before and I fell in love with it...it was simply stunning.

If I am being honest it has never really been a favourite scent of mine, my younger sister Elizabeth used to collect Lavender when we were kids. I say collect, I mean she was obsessed with it...lavender pillows, lavender-scented beads, lavender perfume, lavender soaps, lavender lip balm.... you name it she had it and our bedroom we shared stunk of the stuff for years ha ha!

Photography by Rex Charles

These two photos were taken by a photographer who happened to be there photographing the fields and  kindly asked to take my photo. We stayed in touch and he sent them to me. Thanks Rex! 

Rex Charles

Today's post title was inspired by the musical 'Spring Awakening', one of my favourite musicals. The music isn't your typical run-of-the-mill musical. It's rocky, edgy yet beautiful and moving and til this very day remains a soundtrack I listen to regularly. If you fancy listening to something new and refreshing give it a listen and you won't be disappointed.

The maxi dress I am wearing is one of those dresses that looks pretty ordinary on the hanger but comes to life when you put it on.  I found this at the bottom of the bargain bin at 'Traffic People' and it cost me nothing! I bought another dress for a couple of pounds so this dress was the freebie! The colours aren't usually ones I naturally gravitate towards but the cut of the skirt I fell in love with.

Complete with a yellow orchid hair-clip a few bangles keeping it very minimal.

I must admit the smell in the field was amazing....a lot fresher and cleaner. I was most impressed with their shop they had everything lavender-related you could think of....which included lavender salt rub for your meats?- who knew? 

If you're lucky enough to have a 'Traffic People' store near you they have some truly beautiful dresses in the summer season. 
Now I think about it, I own 4 Traffic People dresses and the designs are feminine, floaty and I love the colours and patterns on them. 
Their sales are immense (their full priced beauties can be a bit pricey!) and in particular their maxi dresses are the best as they don't cling to you like most.

Dress- Traffic People
Bag- Primark
Bangles- Accesorize

So remember to always trail through the bargain bin in stores guys and girls you never ever know what you might find! and when this maxi was full price it was originally £90! waa! that's insane and I got it for nothing. Boom! I do love a good bargain.

There is a recipe in my favourite 'The humming bird bakery' book for lavender cupcakes? 
Hmm....Might have to try it out....thoughts?

Enjoying the sunshine while it lasts! Happy Olympics day too! 
sweet cinnamon
x Rebecca x


  1. You look stunning in these photo's, love the dress

    Chloe x x x


  2. Thanks Coco! hope you're well hun! x

  3. You look so lovely!



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