27 Aug 2012


Thursday night was most definitely a night to showcase and wear one of my favourite dresses I own.
I needed something to make me feel fabulous, feminine, stylish and to showcase my playful personality.
(All shall be revealed soon!).
When you think those things you think Betsey...well I do.

 Dress- Betsey Johnson
Shoes- New Look

Betsey Johnson is a designer synonymous with that whimsical edge and her dresses never fail to make a lasting impression. This dress I picked up over a year ago in the sale and fell in love with it instantly. 

I am a big fan of her evening/Prom wear the most. If I could dress up every night like this I would love it....her New York Fashion week collection reminds me of Barbie at her finest, and just to clarify that ain't no insult....Barbie is a fashion icon!

New York Fashion Week



Don't you just love her? I think if I met her we'd get along great
 and be best friends! ha

April this year the devastating and shocking news that her company has filed for bankruptcy is such a great shame to the fashion world meaning around 63 of her boutiques will be closing down.
The nearest one to me is in Covent Garden and it really is the most beautiful boutique.
The tiled floor, the changing rooms, the decor...it really is a shoppers paradise.

Tori Spelling on the red carpet wearing the same Betsey dress in Red
Who wore it better me or Tori? hee hee

Katy Perry wearing a Betsey Johnson from her Spring/Summer 2011 collection
I am in love with this dress, reminds me of mystical mermaid/ Jelly Fish!

Teamed with an orchid clip in my hair I was ready to rock and face London Town.

Don't you worry fashionistas She will still be designing and working with Macy's and showcasing her new work in Fashion Week in September, phew!

22 Aug 2012

Kitty Purry

Today I took a stroll in my new kitty cat flats
Now personally I'm actually a dog kinda person, It's all about dogs for me but how could you not love these shoes?
Alas the pair I've really had my heart set forever are the originals by Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty Flats'
I absolutely love her entire collection, the materials she uses, the colours, and the quirkiness of her designs.

 You should really check out her collection online, I have absolutely no doubt you will simply fall in love with everything, I know I have. 
(Santa if you are listening I love the Charlotte's Web, and the Lu Lu pair too!)
Not too long ago my style icon and pop princess Katy Perry was papped in a pair, soon followed by Sarah Jessica Parker and Alex Chung to just name a few.

Alexa Chung can't get enough she's been papped wearing hers lots.

Beyonce in the Leopard Print Pair by Charlotte Olympia
Over the past year or so 'Feline' fashion has been huge, from Victoria Beckham's fabulous Spring 2012 collection to Miu Miu's stunning navy blue heels that have been shown everywhere on the fashion circuit.
Victoria Beckham Spring 2012

Victoria Beckham
Miu Miu
Once again Katy Perry being a lover of cats and having named her own cat 'Kitty Perry' it was no surprise to see her wearing Victoria Beckham's cat print dress for her 
appearance on Saturday Night Live.
Katy Perry wearing Victoria Beckham with KENAN!! from Kenan and Kel!...I always did wonder what happened to him! now we know!
Dress- Forever 21
Blazer- Talbots
Satchel- Camden Market
Scarf- Mummy's
Shoes- Missguided

These fabulous broches I got in my goody bag from Monica's Vintage Fair!

This stunning pocket watch necklace which is Alice in Wonderland themed was my birthday
present this year from my beautiful Kayla. xxxx

Shoes- Missguided

So girls if you love them but don't want to break the bank this pair by Miss Guided.com are pretty damn sassy and I'm really pleased with the results and keep smiling whenever I look down at my feet.
In fact I'm thinking of getting these in the wedge heel next month too!

Meow! xxx Rebecca xx

19 Aug 2012


Well it's been over 2 years since I was last red and I have been 
umm'ing...and ahh'ing about whether to do it for a while now.
Considering I've just had my new head shots done and going to casting and presenting screen tests is going to be prove to be a pain..
" Errr Rebecca you have red hair? It says here you have black hair" oops!
I'm am rather silly really....but I just felt like taking the plunge and sometimes you just have to!!

Todays post is going to be a mixture of written posts! (as you can see above) and typed, in case you can't read my frilly writing! It's actually a lot more frilly than this 
I had to tone it done so you can read it!

The benefit of being a girl is you change your hair style, colour or cut and you can transform into a completely different being overnight! 

I do enjoy having black hair and I will be going back to black after a while but I for now I just
felt like a new direction.
sometimes a out of focus is quite fun!
Dress- Camden Market

Obviously I don't take myself too seriously

Forget the blondes and the brunettes....clearly red's have MORE FUN!!

Ok so that's a lots of photos and buzz on my new hair!
Yes that's right mr rabbit! I received the most EPIC goody bag or BOX!! from 'Monicas's Vintage Fair'. When I went the other month or so ago I put my name down on a list to win a goody bag not thinking any further about they contacted me recently to say that I won!

The box was amazing! a baking book, makeup, lipstick, mascara, Cath Kidston mug, apron, soap and glory products and a bag! seriously the best combination of things I could of ever asked for!
Thank you!

Instagram round up of the last few days. 

When I should been working I sat and doodled. I haven't changed since school.

A few snaps of my instagram account past week.
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14 Aug 2012

But What About The Vegetables?

Brighton up my day baby! I love Brighton so much, it is the simply a fantastic town full of quirks, delights and splendour. It's the perfect place to just go, have some lunch, do some shopping and have a wonder around.

This totally baffles me? Walked past it and I'm guessing they used to be a grocery ha ha.

I spotted the gentleman below outside a pub and asked if I could take a photo of what he was wearing. I was in complete awe of him and his personal style. The detail and the way he put his outfit together was simply mesmerising. Even the vintage battered suitcase and way he curled up his moustache. 
There is no denying he looks fantastic, even the photograph doesn't do him justice.

Blazer- Mums
Dress- New Look Concession
Shoes- Converse
Satchel- Camden Market
It was looking rather windy outside so I decided to keep it casual and wear my converse and black tights with my chili pepper dress.

My favourite new discovery we came across on our trip was a shop called 'Alice Dreams'. In the window I saw a cute Alice and Wonderland print and had to go inside, only to discover the entire store is A.I.W themed!!!!! It is the total and complete dream shop for me! I have always been slightly obsessed and in love with the Story of Alice in Wonderland, maybe because my younger sister Elizabeth and I used to watch the disney movie a lotand seriously I mean A LOT!

The shop keeper was so lovely and gave me a bit of history into the store and how they source their products. I chose the most beautiful mug to drink my green tea out of. The hand painted art work all over the store was beautiful. There are toadstools everywhere and they were playing Jungle Book songs while Jon and I wondered around.
Their website goes live in October so I will definitely be making some serious purchases for my house in future. What I love most about Alice In Wonderland is the imagery in the stories: The Hatter, the roses, the rabbit, the flamingos etc it's such a colourful and imaginative story that stays with you for years.

I instantly fell in love with ALL of these cups and saucers! I wanted to have them all but I had to control myself and decided on just one...you can't see it here because I already bought it but it's a beauty!
The art work on the ceilings and walls was to die for!

This is one my plates that I painted myself a few months ago. Alice In Wonderland themed of course.

I went outside to discover the amazing outside of the shop! didn't even notice it when I was just walking along....doesn't it look AMAZING?!!?

Then the rain got bad.....really bad.....so bad my newly dyed hair started to leak red down my face. Yep...there...I said it: RED HAIR DYE WAS RUNNING DOWN MY FACE!!! When I left the house it was sunny so I didn't think to take an umbrella ella ella ay ay (ha couldn't resist).

Make do and mend with a carrier bag. 
This is probably the lowest point of my fashion life
but given it was pouring down and we were going back to the car it simply had to be done.

Dress- New Look Concession
Blazer- Talbots
Carrier Bag- Sweet Shop

How very fetching!
Carrier bags are going to be in season you know next month? you heard it here first!

low and behold my beautiful Alice mug I bought! I'm in Love!
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