19 Aug 2012


Well it's been over 2 years since I was last red and I have been 
umm'ing...and ahh'ing about whether to do it for a while now.
Considering I've just had my new head shots done and going to casting and presenting screen tests is going to be prove to be a pain..
" Errr Rebecca you have red hair? It says here you have black hair" oops!
I'm am rather silly really....but I just felt like taking the plunge and sometimes you just have to!!

Todays post is going to be a mixture of written posts! (as you can see above) and typed, in case you can't read my frilly writing! It's actually a lot more frilly than this 
I had to tone it done so you can read it!

The benefit of being a girl is you change your hair style, colour or cut and you can transform into a completely different being overnight! 

I do enjoy having black hair and I will be going back to black after a while but I for now I just
felt like a new direction.
sometimes a out of focus is quite fun!
Dress- Camden Market

Obviously I don't take myself too seriously

Forget the blondes and the brunettes....clearly red's have MORE FUN!!

Ok so that's a lots of photos and buzz on my new hair!
Yes that's right mr rabbit! I received the most EPIC goody bag or BOX!! from 'Monicas's Vintage Fair'. When I went the other month or so ago I put my name down on a list to win a goody bag not thinking any further about they contacted me recently to say that I won!

The box was amazing! a baking book, makeup, lipstick, mascara, Cath Kidston mug, apron, soap and glory products and a bag! seriously the best combination of things I could of ever asked for!
Thank you!

Instagram round up of the last few days. 

When I should been working I sat and doodled. I haven't changed since school.

A few snaps of my instagram account past week.
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  1. Wow. The red hair looks amazing.


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