22 Aug 2012

Kitty Purry

Today I took a stroll in my new kitty cat flats
Now personally I'm actually a dog kinda person, It's all about dogs for me but how could you not love these shoes?
Alas the pair I've really had my heart set forever are the originals by Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty Flats'
I absolutely love her entire collection, the materials she uses, the colours, and the quirkiness of her designs.

 You should really check out her collection online, I have absolutely no doubt you will simply fall in love with everything, I know I have. 
(Santa if you are listening I love the Charlotte's Web, and the Lu Lu pair too!)
Not too long ago my style icon and pop princess Katy Perry was papped in a pair, soon followed by Sarah Jessica Parker and Alex Chung to just name a few.

Alexa Chung can't get enough she's been papped wearing hers lots.

Beyonce in the Leopard Print Pair by Charlotte Olympia
Over the past year or so 'Feline' fashion has been huge, from Victoria Beckham's fabulous Spring 2012 collection to Miu Miu's stunning navy blue heels that have been shown everywhere on the fashion circuit.
Victoria Beckham Spring 2012

Victoria Beckham
Miu Miu
Once again Katy Perry being a lover of cats and having named her own cat 'Kitty Perry' it was no surprise to see her wearing Victoria Beckham's cat print dress for her 
appearance on Saturday Night Live.
Katy Perry wearing Victoria Beckham with KENAN!! from Kenan and Kel!...I always did wonder what happened to him! now we know!
Dress- Forever 21
Blazer- Talbots
Satchel- Camden Market
Scarf- Mummy's
Shoes- Missguided

These fabulous broches I got in my goody bag from Monica's Vintage Fair!

This stunning pocket watch necklace which is Alice in Wonderland themed was my birthday
present this year from my beautiful Kayla. xxxx

Shoes- Missguided

So girls if you love them but don't want to break the bank this pair by Miss Guided.com are pretty damn sassy and I'm really pleased with the results and keep smiling whenever I look down at my feet.
In fact I'm thinking of getting these in the wedge heel next month too!

Meow! xxx Rebecca xx


  1. I love these and the pictures are gorgeous,

    Chloe xo


    1. Thank you chloe! I'm really glad u said that because I'm really wanting to get a DSLR soon!! so for the time being my point and shoot camera will be fine. xxxx


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