2 Aug 2012

Strawberry Laundry

Strawberries and cream sounds like my kinda fashion dream....

I have been in love with this play suit forever...in fact, me and Kayla have both been in love with it for a while. It comes from ASDA of all places! I never go there specifically to look for clothes but I'll always have a little browse if I'm there and as soon as I saw the strawberry print I fell in love with it! My body is pear shaped so some play suits can look rather odd on me; I usually have to try on loads of different sizes to see which looks best but this was in the sale and the last one left, it was £5.25 so I got it! Boom! I did hold my breath when I opened it up and tried it on at home....and ta da! it fits!


Jon and I drove past this launderette on the way home from Dartford and I just had to go in and have some fun. Not going to lie, I was really relieved there was no one in there!

Even did my nails too with strawberries, one of the easiest designs to do yourself! 

Been loving the Olympic Games and am now officially hooked, watching whatever I can whenever I can!
Went into London lots this week and the atmosphere is so exciting! Here are a few snaps from from my Instagram this week. 
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pretty fishy

Fishy Fishy In the Harrods Pet Department

 View From Up top!

Crazy insanely high ride I went on with the girls!

First Time on the London Eye!
Dress- Covent Garden boutique
Belt- Vintage
Bag- Turkey Market

Some Street Art!

Sweet Cinnamon

X Rebecca x


  1. Just discovered your blog!Love it!
    Wanna follow each other.Let me know :)


  2. Thanks lovely will be sure to check yours out now! yes indeedy! let's follow x


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