30 Sep 2012

You'll be my night light

♫ ♪ Night Light- Jessie Ware ♫ ♪

I love having days off during the week with my boyfriend Jon, which usually consist of going on an adventure to a town we've never been to before. Walking hand in hand, searching for some yummy food and looking through charity shops for some goodies. 
For me it preferably has to be by the sea!

On that Thursday we ended up in Sheerness, The Isle of Sheppy. 
No disrespect to the town...but there's not a great deal you can do there! 
We had a walk along the seafront then hunted for somewhere to eat lunch for what felt like forever...we started out looking for the perfect little bistro...then realised we might have to settle for a cute little restaurant...then any restaurant...then any pub...where do these people go out to eat?! Eventually we found a little cafe with friendly people and good sandwiches!

Bit of a fail on our part but we still managed to have a nice time.

Summer is over now, let's make way for Autumn! Autumn gets a bad rap sometimes but you know what? I love Autumn, it's such a beautiful season and so to get into the spirit and embrace this new crisp weather I rotated around my wardrobe earlier this week.
 It's always exciting when you go through your winter wardrobe and come across things you completely forgot about.

This furry gillet from Warehouse was a gift last Christmas from the rents-in-law and I completely forgot it existed. Brace yourself it's going to be favourite of mine this season I can feel it! Complete with my brand new Topshop blouse which was my birthday gift from the lovely Rhiannon! (Thank you so much!)

Hat- Soho, Shirt- Topshop, Gilet- Warehouse, Bag- Vintage
Boots- Clarkes

I am completely in LOVE with Jessie Wares album at the moment- 'Devotion'. 
Seriously people give it a listen it's stunning. 

I fell in love with this shirt a while ago when I saw fellow fashionista Esther Sheppard wearing it under a wooly knit and all I could see was the collar tips! Hunting down the right size was a murder and then I discovered the Topshop Tall- version on Oxford Street and it was a fit I preferred!

Have a lovely day 
 x Rebecca x

26 Sep 2012

Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom

"Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom"...and who spoke those immortal words? 
Anna Dello Russo baby!

I am literately counting down the days till the launch of her range at H&M.  I've even briefed my boyfriend  Jon on which stuff to get online for me in case I can't make it! 
4th October cannot come fast enough!

I fear these are the last few days of sunshine until Autumn is upon us; today really felt like one of those days when you can feel it in the air.

Octobers Vogue article 'Hat Trick' talks about hats taking over for Autumn/ Winter 2012. Myself being a hat lover- trilby, bowler, beanie and fedora are all favourite styles of mine- I still haven't got a clue what my actual hat size is...which bizarrely enough was a question on the casting sheet that day for a commercial casting I went to...do you know yours? 

Brown- Uniqlo
Black Floppy- Armani Exchange
Yellow- Jades24.com
Red- Jades24.com
Mocha-  Madewell.com
Blue Trilby- Juicy Couture
Brown Floppy- Bloomingdales
Red Fisherman- Ralph Lauren

I do come across so many people who say they don't suit hats, I just think you've got to experiment with different styles to suit your face shape and hair style. Above is a mood board I created bearing that all in mind, really loving the blue Juicy Couture one. 

I was eating dim sum in China Town and reading Vogue after my casting yesterday (as you do!) and thought to myself, "I could really do with a new hat, might have to have a little browse in a nearby vintage shop. What's the harm?" BAD BECKY! I was strolling around Soho on my way to Beyond Retro vintage and came across a hat shop with all kinds of hats. No lie I was in the there for probably half an hour just trying on all kind of hats. Even the crazy obscure ones that I wouldn't usually go for just out of curiosity.  After much deliberation I decided on this little beauty. Brown with a silk bow wrapped around it.  'Tis the season after all!

x sweet cinnamon Rebecca x

17 Sep 2012


Been a insane week I haven't had a moment to stop and breathe let alone blog! So finally getting to sit down now and catch up with some sweet cinnamon is very much needed. 

The other week I met up with my lovely and dear friend Sandy. It was her birthday so I took her out for a treat at a lovely french paterisserie. We were lucky enough to have a gorgeous day of weather for having a good natter and a catch up. Embracing a bit of old school glamour for the day with one of my most favourite purchases from Topshop forever ago, the most cutest coral playsuit.

rootage! ha

Me and the lovely Sandy eating cakes, talking abouts boys, work, food, love, shopping...you know
the standard. x

WAS sooooo tasty!

Some style spotting with the lovely Fi Fi.

Her dip dye, candy floss hair was so cute and her unicorn t-shirt.
what a cutie!

you stay classy x Rebecca 

You need a fashion shower

I cannot express how much I am in love with the video of Anna Dello Russo's collaboration with
H& M. It is so trashy fantastic...I've watched it around ten times now and I still love it, my boyfriend doesn't get it and why I keep playing it! but I cannot wait till all her stuff is out in October! The collection is accessories based and mainly themed around gold and turquoise.

The video itself is so iconic and catchy you can't help but laugh and sing along with her....I say sing loosely....but in seriousness she does make one hell of a point....

Lesson # 1: Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom. 
Lesson # 2: Between style and fashion? Absolutely fashion? 
Lesson # 3: Fashion is always uncomfortable, if you feel comfortable you never get the look. 
Lesson # 4: Fabulous at every age. 
Lesson # 5: wearing night clothes in the daytime is unexpected. 
Lesson # 6: Somebody wearing your same outfit? Wonderful, you did the right choice 
Lesson # 7: You must wear outfit once 
Lesson # 8: Wear coat as a dress 
Lesson # 9: It doesn't matter the size of your body, fashion flatter everything 
Lesson # 10: Fashion jewels personalise your style

YOU know what you need? a fashion shower!

I am completely in with luggage and the clutch bag....and it's reasonably priced too so I will most definitely making a trip in London to queue up and my fashion shower on!

10 Sep 2012

Tell me I'm your national anthem

Been totally in love with the weather this week in London, we've been so lucky to have an entire week of sunshine in city... it's been complete bliss. Which for me means I bring out all my summer dresses. I've been busy filming for Fashion One's reality show 'The Fashion Correspondent Search' which comes to Sky this November.
Dress- Vintage
Belt- Vivienne of Holloway
Sunglasses- Primark
The weather was lovely enough to wear my vintage dress I bought from Monica's Vintage Fair, the weather hasn't been nice enough to wear it yet so as soon as the sun was out I had to wear it. 
The detail and the embroidery is simply stunning and teamed with a waist belt was perfect.

Old Street in London near Shoreditch has some fantastic street art and I fell in love with this street-style- Toy Story one.

Myself and fellow fashion blogger Chelsey O'Neill from 'Take You There' came across the coolest little yard in Old Street with bars, a sandpit, hamocks and some beautiful street art....we couldn't resist using it as a backdrop for blog posts.

You should seen us...like two kids in a candy shop....
"AH look at that!" "Get a photo of me by the zebra!" "Oh that'll look so good instagrammed!"
A fashion bloggers paradise! ha ha. 

Blazer- Beyond Retro
Dress- ASOS
Boots- ZARA

She took my photos I took hers.
That's fashion blogger teamwork!

Big thank you to the lovely Chelsey for taking todays snaps, and the lovely american man at the train station who took that one! ha (absolutely no shame!, never one to miss a perfect photo op!)

x sweet cinnamon Rebecca x

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