26 Sep 2012

Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom

"Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom"...and who spoke those immortal words? 
Anna Dello Russo baby!

I am literately counting down the days till the launch of her range at H&M.  I've even briefed my boyfriend  Jon on which stuff to get online for me in case I can't make it! 
4th October cannot come fast enough!

I fear these are the last few days of sunshine until Autumn is upon us; today really felt like one of those days when you can feel it in the air.

Octobers Vogue article 'Hat Trick' talks about hats taking over for Autumn/ Winter 2012. Myself being a hat lover- trilby, bowler, beanie and fedora are all favourite styles of mine- I still haven't got a clue what my actual hat size is...which bizarrely enough was a question on the casting sheet that day for a commercial casting I went to...do you know yours? 

Brown- Uniqlo
Black Floppy- Armani Exchange
Yellow- Jades24.com
Red- Jades24.com
Mocha-  Madewell.com
Blue Trilby- Juicy Couture
Brown Floppy- Bloomingdales
Red Fisherman- Ralph Lauren

I do come across so many people who say they don't suit hats, I just think you've got to experiment with different styles to suit your face shape and hair style. Above is a mood board I created bearing that all in mind, really loving the blue Juicy Couture one. 

I was eating dim sum in China Town and reading Vogue after my casting yesterday (as you do!) and thought to myself, "I could really do with a new hat, might have to have a little browse in a nearby vintage shop. What's the harm?" BAD BECKY! I was strolling around Soho on my way to Beyond Retro vintage and came across a hat shop with all kinds of hats. No lie I was in the there for probably half an hour just trying on all kind of hats. Even the crazy obscure ones that I wouldn't usually go for just out of curiosity.  After much deliberation I decided on this little beauty. Brown with a silk bow wrapped around it.  'Tis the season after all!

x sweet cinnamon Rebecca x


  1. The hat you bought is gorgeous and I love the zebra scarf,

    Chloe xo


    1. Thanks Chloe! I'm in love with this hat! x


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