2 Sep 2012

Feeling Sheepish

Monday 27th August

The past two weeks have been insanely busy with filming, running around London, trying on fabulous clothes which I will say more about soon! My sheepish outfit was on a day off when I was chilling out and going to a summer fete with my Jon and his parents. Minimal makeup, converse trainers and a Shaun The Sheep bag.


Yes a Shaun The Sheep bag...In case you're not familiar with him....In England he's a character from a popular animation 'Wallace and Gromit' which I was OBSESSED with when I was a kid! I was a proper geek when it came to it. I had action figures I used to collect from cereal boxes, all the videos, sticker collection, an alarm clock, cuddly toys, camera, a house for my figurines....yep fair to say I was in love with it, and for my 10th  birthday as a kid this bag was presented to me.

See I don't make this stuff up! ha ha....my 10th Birthday! 15 years ago....blimey with
you guessed it....a 'Wallace and Gromit' birthday cake complete with ballerinas on it too!
ah......those were the times! mmm...ice gems!


So on my trip back home to Bristol for a friends wedding I was amazed to discover my mama has kept it all these years?!!? I couldn't believe it! and he was in mint condition! (Thanks mummy!) so I decided to revive him and use him once again! 


Tuesday 28th August

Another day of filming here's what I wore with my new boots I picked up the previous day from the summer fete for 50p!!! 50p! these boots cost!!! insane!

Bowler- H & M
Vest- Topshop
Blazer- Talbots
Skirt- Market Stall
Belt- Camden
Boots- Summer Fete

x Rebecca x

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