9 Sep 2012

L*ets B*uy D*rinks

Today it's all about the LBD baby....Now I'm not one to wear a black dress very often as they don't inspire me and as I have to wear a black dress on air when I'm presenting the novelty of wearing the LBD has definitely worn off over the years.

But Alas! this dress shuns all those common associations and makes you feel like a million dollars. Behold the ultimate black dress from the ever so fabulous 'Deadly Is The Female'- a store I am in love with and have had the pleasure of modelling for.

Dress- So Couture at Deadly is the Female
Heels- Irregular Choice

Teamed with my all time favourite heels that always make a statement which to me says 
"Hey I like ice cream and glitter...let's go disco!"'

with no jewellery as with this outfit less is definitely more.

This dress really acentuates those curves in all the right places which usually I don't tend to celebrate, but after looking at some fabulous screen shots of Christina Hendricks in 'Madmen' I felt inspired.

I have read time and time again in magazines the importance of investing in a key LBD and this one  is mine.

Having a pear shape body can be really tricky to dress sometimes. I've spoken to other girls with the same body shape as me and they completely agree. I struggle with some outfits as my waist is stupidly tiny and then in contrast I've got some serious junk-the-trunk which sometimes can't fit into some dresses ha! so making things work does have to both make me feel confident and look right..

All of today's outfit photos were taken by stylish Chelsey O'Neill.
thank you hun!
check out her lovely blog here!
'take you there'

If you're hiding your curves away girls bring them out and embrace them just like the fabulous character Joan from 'Madmen'. Her style is simply to die for and seriously sexy.


  1. ahhh i recognise those shoes! they're irregular choice right? *drool*

    1. all about the irregular choice baby! x


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