10 Sep 2012

Tell me I'm your national anthem

Been totally in love with the weather this week in London, we've been so lucky to have an entire week of sunshine in city... it's been complete bliss. Which for me means I bring out all my summer dresses. I've been busy filming for Fashion One's reality show 'The Fashion Correspondent Search' which comes to Sky this November.
Dress- Vintage
Belt- Vivienne of Holloway
Sunglasses- Primark
The weather was lovely enough to wear my vintage dress I bought from Monica's Vintage Fair, the weather hasn't been nice enough to wear it yet so as soon as the sun was out I had to wear it. 
The detail and the embroidery is simply stunning and teamed with a waist belt was perfect.

Old Street in London near Shoreditch has some fantastic street art and I fell in love with this street-style- Toy Story one.

Myself and fellow fashion blogger Chelsey O'Neill from 'Take You There' came across the coolest little yard in Old Street with bars, a sandpit, hamocks and some beautiful street art....we couldn't resist using it as a backdrop for blog posts.

You should seen us...like two kids in a candy shop....
"AH look at that!" "Get a photo of me by the zebra!" "Oh that'll look so good instagrammed!"
A fashion bloggers paradise! ha ha. 

Blazer- Beyond Retro
Dress- ASOS
Boots- ZARA

She took my photos I took hers.
That's fashion blogger teamwork!

Big thank you to the lovely Chelsey for taking todays snaps, and the lovely american man at the train station who took that one! ha (absolutely no shame!, never one to miss a perfect photo op!)

x sweet cinnamon Rebecca x


  1. Beautiful pictures and I love! your outfit,

    Chloe xo



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