17 Sep 2012

You need a fashion shower

I cannot express how much I am in love with the video of Anna Dello Russo's collaboration with
H& M. It is so trashy fantastic...I've watched it around ten times now and I still love it, my boyfriend doesn't get it and why I keep playing it! but I cannot wait till all her stuff is out in October! The collection is accessories based and mainly themed around gold and turquoise.

The video itself is so iconic and catchy you can't help but laugh and sing along with her....I say sing loosely....but in seriousness she does make one hell of a point....

Lesson # 1: Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom. 
Lesson # 2: Between style and fashion? Absolutely fashion? 
Lesson # 3: Fashion is always uncomfortable, if you feel comfortable you never get the look. 
Lesson # 4: Fabulous at every age. 
Lesson # 5: wearing night clothes in the daytime is unexpected. 
Lesson # 6: Somebody wearing your same outfit? Wonderful, you did the right choice 
Lesson # 7: You must wear outfit once 
Lesson # 8: Wear coat as a dress 
Lesson # 9: It doesn't matter the size of your body, fashion flatter everything 
Lesson # 10: Fashion jewels personalise your style

YOU know what you need? a fashion shower!

I am completely in with luggage and the clutch bag....and it's reasonably priced too so I will most definitely making a trip in London to queue up and my fashion shower on!

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  1. Awww I adore Anna Dello Russo ! Zou might found her pieces on mz blog



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