30 Sep 2012

You'll be my night light

♫ ♪ Night Light- Jessie Ware ♫ ♪

I love having days off during the week with my boyfriend Jon, which usually consist of going on an adventure to a town we've never been to before. Walking hand in hand, searching for some yummy food and looking through charity shops for some goodies. 
For me it preferably has to be by the sea!

On that Thursday we ended up in Sheerness, The Isle of Sheppy. 
No disrespect to the town...but there's not a great deal you can do there! 
We had a walk along the seafront then hunted for somewhere to eat lunch for what felt like forever...we started out looking for the perfect little bistro...then realised we might have to settle for a cute little restaurant...then any restaurant...then any pub...where do these people go out to eat?! Eventually we found a little cafe with friendly people and good sandwiches!

Bit of a fail on our part but we still managed to have a nice time.

Summer is over now, let's make way for Autumn! Autumn gets a bad rap sometimes but you know what? I love Autumn, it's such a beautiful season and so to get into the spirit and embrace this new crisp weather I rotated around my wardrobe earlier this week.
 It's always exciting when you go through your winter wardrobe and come across things you completely forgot about.

This furry gillet from Warehouse was a gift last Christmas from the rents-in-law and I completely forgot it existed. Brace yourself it's going to be favourite of mine this season I can feel it! Complete with my brand new Topshop blouse which was my birthday gift from the lovely Rhiannon! (Thank you so much!)

Hat- Soho, Shirt- Topshop, Gilet- Warehouse, Bag- Vintage
Boots- Clarkes

I am completely in LOVE with Jessie Wares album at the moment- 'Devotion'. 
Seriously people give it a listen it's stunning. 

I fell in love with this shirt a while ago when I saw fellow fashionista Esther Sheppard wearing it under a wooly knit and all I could see was the collar tips! Hunting down the right size was a murder and then I discovered the Topshop Tall- version on Oxford Street and it was a fit I preferred!

Have a lovely day 
 x Rebecca x


  1. Beautiful pictures and i love the shirt it is gorgeous,

    Chloe xo


    1. Thanks Chloe! hope you're well hun! xxxx

  2. Lovely photos, and a great post! Looks like you had loads of fun!


    1. Thank you Justina! just checked out your blog! FNO looked fun!! xxxx

  3. You look SO gorgeous in these pics! I've got a bit of hair envy looking at your curly red locks. I've had my eye on that Toppers blouse too although lots of my workmates have it. Sounds like you really make the most of your days off with your man and it's always fun to discover somewhere new. Good blogging material too! xx


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