28 Oct 2012

Country Bumpkin

Today was another beautiful Autumn day and we decided to go for a walk around the park after a lovely long lie in. It was extremely muddy and managed to rain on and off throughout our walk. This really was a case of function over fashion and having already wrecked lots of my favourite shoes on walks at the beach etc wellies were definitely in order! (Thank you Gilly!).

I found this duck jumper a the British Red Cross charity shop last year for a couple of pounds and fell in love at first sight. It's quite big 
(actually a men's jumper but i roll it under so it's more fitted). 

 Love love love AUTUMN colours!

This is my lovely pumpkin called...Bumpkin! (of course!)

x have a happy halloween!! x

23 Oct 2012

Il fait du brouillard

Monday was such a foggy day here in Kent. On my way out for the day with Jon we stopped by somewhere eerie to get some shots of the fog at it's best and this seemed perfect.

'Il fait du brouillard'- (it's foggy)

Is still the one sentence I will always remember well from my days of GCSE French all those years ago. I can still vividly picture the giant flash card of a man lost in some fog that the teacher would hold up for it.

I was never really any good in French; let's just say I can order some food (mainly chicken and fish), ask to sit by the window if I need to in a restaurant and tell someone if I've lost my bag?!?  'J'ai Perdu mon sac!', which is really all you need to
get around when you go to France anyway! There you have it! French 101 with Rebecca!

This is my Autumn fashion wish list full of things I would love to wear (and preferably own) during Autumn.
Particularly in love with the galactic dress by Evil Twin at Urban Outfitters...might have to save up for that beauty!

Dress- Evil Twin at Urban Outfitter, Boots- Urban Outfitters Blouse- Miss Selfridge
Creepers- Topshop Bag- Topshop Necklace- Forever 21 Hat- Topshop

This vintage jumper was a gift from Berty and Gerty Vintage, I fell in love with it instantly and absolutely love the vibrant use of colours Still not quite sure what kind of bird he is (some kind of embroidered bird/duck/phoenix) but I love him! 

Now these chelsea boots were an absolute bargain I bought from a summer fair a few weeks back and they cost me 50p! I can't even remember a time when I've ever got a whole pair of shoes for just a 50 pence piece! Unfortunately a few weeks down the line both heels and soles of each foot fell off whilst in transit (these things always happen to me!) 
and I had to get them repaired, meaning they cost me ten pounds and a fifty pence piece...still a bargain!  

18 Oct 2012

California Dreamin'

Now it really feels like Autumn. The leaves are crunchy and brown and there's that crisp feeling in the air which I love. The winter coats and boots have been dug out from the back of the cupboard and before we know it, it'll be HALLOWEEN! My favourite holiday by miles! 
So the other day was an interesting day...I woke up to receieve a lovely letter from TFL (I say lovely, I mean HORRIBLE)...you see the Transport For London logo and your heart skips a beat, your stomach tightens and you think to yourself....oh gosh what have I done? Was I speeding?- which *touches wood* I do not do! Did I go through a red light? Especially when I'm driving back from work at around 2/3 in the morning and I zone out a bit....oh dear.

When actually it's because I stopped and went into a criss-crossed yellow box....
(which, by the way, I only did because everyone else was doing it and no traffic was moving anywhere!  I could see 6 other cars in the photo that would've got fined too...Boris made a tidy little profit out of us! Owww, that's London for you I guess!) The only way I can sum my feeling of getting a fine like that is pure, gutted. Money down the drain just like that in a space of an instant. OK...rant over...sorry about that!

So with that in mind to take my mind off getting such a horrible letter I decided to go for a jog get those endorfins going and listen to some happy tunes. My jogging playlist has a variety of songs from The Prodigy to Sisqo's 'The Thong Song'....don't ask why...it just seems to get me pumped up and is always guranteed to put a smile on your face.

Come on the guy is getting soulful and crazy about a thong! 
I personally recommend adding it to your gym playlist and no doubt you'll see what I mean. What's on your gym/running/exercise playlist? I'm always open to new ideas!

I am love love loving all of Topshop at the moment, seriously there was a period a few months back when there was nothing I desired! at all! I had my voucher to spend and I didn't find anything I genuinely had to have. Autumn/ Winter fashion at the moment in store is brilliant here are a few things that have caught my eye.

I tried on the mightnight blue playsuit ages ago in the Oxford Circus Topshop and fell in love with it then but could only justify buying the shirt that day. So Santa...if you listening
I would really like this please! ha x

I like this because you can see Jon's shadow! x

16 Oct 2012

Come Fly with me...

2012 has been a huge year for the world of manicures.  Getting your nails done has always been popular but this year it's suddenly exploded in a massive way. 'Hello Giggles' tweets the best nail art of every day, Company magazine has a dedicated page to it and celebrities like Ga Ga, Jessie J and Katy Perry all regularly compete for who has the zaniest, craziest nails.

As lots of you know I am a huge nail person; my nails are always- and I mean ALWAYS- painted. I believe it's incredibly important never to neglect your nails and it's also a really good way to get creative and add that final touch, that final bit of flair to an outfit. I like getting creative by doing my own nail art because it's a fun, cheap way to experiment with all kinds of new designs.  Here are some of my most recent ones...
I get my nails shaped and treated etc. every 3 weeks and have done so like clockwork for the past 4 years.  They vary in colour, shape and style according to my mood and what I'll be getting up to that week...over time I've naturally become somewhat of an expert when it comes to pampering those paws.

When I was doing some filming for Fashion One I happened to discover the wonder that is MW Nails in London Spitalfields, and they kindly invited me back for a manicure. 

Upon entering you are immediately transported to another time in another place...you walk off the 21st Century London streets straight onto a Boeing 737 plane in the 70's!  Every detail is perfect, from the overhead lockers and the refreshments trolleys (now carrying nail varnish) to the actual airplane seats, all of which come from a genuine Air France plane from the 1970's. The crews uniform's are handmade and customised and all the music played is strictly 70's only, all in homage to the days of soul and disco!

You are instantly impressed and can't help but look around everywhere like a kid in a candy shore at all the immaculate and delightfully genius attention to detail.  From the nail treatments named after exotic holiday destinations, to the waiting area made up of genuine First Class airplane seats, even down to the chunky brown phone at reception, everywhere you look there's something to make you smile.

When selecting colours in most nail salons you are usually presented with a standard bunch of reds, pinks and glitters and some randoms that make you wonder...."Wow! Did someone actually have that hideous colour once upon a time?". All those misconceptions and previous experiences are banished when you are presented with the most popular colours from leading nail lacquer brands 'OPI' and 'ESSIE'.  You are seated in possibly the most quirky and quaint waiting area, offered a drink and left to contemplate the hundreds of colours displayed in all their glory in little cubby holes around the walls.

It took me a while to decide what colours I would go with but I managed to narrow it down to 3! I was seated and still not sure about what colours I would commit to until my air hostess/manicurist Rashida asked if I'd seen the new OPI- James Bond Skyfall collection that just arrived. No I hadn't......
The three colours on my nails were 'Moonraker' ,'Th living daylights' 'On Her Majestys Service'
 from the brand new
'James Bond Skyfall' OPI collection
I was feeling pretty relaxed and chilled out at this point so I decided to trust my hostess' expertise and told her to go with what ever she liked (which for me as a control freak is very out of character)! I'm glad I did though because Rashmida was incredibly knowledgable and confident with which colours were best suited and the new OPI Skyfall range is stunning.

My cuticles were pushed back with ease, trimmed and cut to perfection, followed by a soothing hand massage- with only the best hand lotion by OPI- all to a sexy, soulful soundtrack of 70's music. What annoys me about nail salons is I find the majority tend to feel like a conveyor belt: they rush you into a seat, rush through the treatment and then they want you out as soon as your nails are dry.
The lovely Rashida

MW Nails is different; not only has it got truly fabulous and quirky surroundings but it prides itself on it's 'First Class' Service. The crew are professional and enthusiastic about their work and are genuinely happy to help you and meet all your nail needs. 

My 'Rapid Rio' was a really pleasurable and pampering treatment and no expenses were spared with all the equipment and cosmetics used. I was very impressed to see all the nail tools used during my treatment were sterilised and came in their own individual packaging...which frightened me to say...."I have never in all my years seen a nail salon that did that" which Rashida was horrifed to hear! Yikes I bet you're now thinking the same thing!

Colours- OPI
The Living Daylights
On Her Majestys Service
I was extremely pleased with the end result. The combination of colours and the shaping of my nails were divine. I really do feel like a bond girl now with a little side of glitter! It's not hard to see why The Telegraph voted it as one of the top ten nail salons in London. 

I cannot speak more highly of MW Nails. It was an experience and a day out in itself but while I was there I was treated to one of the best and most professional and luxurious manicures I've ever had. So girls, next time you're thinking of getting your nails done get a few friends together and head over to MW Nails in Spitalfields...if you're within 100 miles of London it's definitely worth the trip!

Thank you to the lovely Rashida at MW Nails for the most fabulous manicure. x

10 Oct 2012

No Regrets....Just Love

So the past week or so has been a complete mega-mix of all kinds of activities, mini adventures, castings and auditions and I've been getting seriously snap happy on Instagram in the process. You know what? I would choose Instagram over Facebook and Twitter any day and these days it really tends to be my social network of choice. 
 'Berty and Gerty' 

Sometimes I think to myself- I really cannot bare to read another negative status on Facebook today! or a horrible rant on twitter. 
Why not post something upbeat and nice once in a while people? 
I think it's fair to say there is less drama and more creativity on Instagram. 
So here are some of my most recent photos I've taken.
Wall display of retro hairdryers at the hairdressers
Childhood flash back! Trolls for sale in Camden Market

I'm all about the positivity people and I love passing the time by looking at photos whether it be of a friends dog, a beautiful piece of clothing, what they're wearing that day or even a delicious looking cupcake. 

a birthday card for Aunty Jacquie that
I fell in love with.
What I wore to a casting.
Dress- ASOS (Yonks ago!)
Necklace- Primark
Boots- Clarkes
Bag- Camden
Hair cut and a new shade of red with the
fantastic Paul

On Wednesday I modelled for the fabulous 'Berty and Gerty' Vintage. 
Here are a few snaps.


Taking a trip back to 60's with these shirt dresses, perfect with a pair of black chelsea boots and why not team them with a black leather jacket? 

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