18 Oct 2012

California Dreamin'

Now it really feels like Autumn. The leaves are crunchy and brown and there's that crisp feeling in the air which I love. The winter coats and boots have been dug out from the back of the cupboard and before we know it, it'll be HALLOWEEN! My favourite holiday by miles! 
So the other day was an interesting day...I woke up to receieve a lovely letter from TFL (I say lovely, I mean HORRIBLE)...you see the Transport For London logo and your heart skips a beat, your stomach tightens and you think to yourself....oh gosh what have I done? Was I speeding?- which *touches wood* I do not do! Did I go through a red light? Especially when I'm driving back from work at around 2/3 in the morning and I zone out a bit....oh dear.

When actually it's because I stopped and went into a criss-crossed yellow box....
(which, by the way, I only did because everyone else was doing it and no traffic was moving anywhere!  I could see 6 other cars in the photo that would've got fined too...Boris made a tidy little profit out of us! Owww, that's London for you I guess!) The only way I can sum my feeling of getting a fine like that is pure, gutted. Money down the drain just like that in a space of an instant. OK...rant over...sorry about that!

So with that in mind to take my mind off getting such a horrible letter I decided to go for a jog get those endorfins going and listen to some happy tunes. My jogging playlist has a variety of songs from The Prodigy to Sisqo's 'The Thong Song'....don't ask why...it just seems to get me pumped up and is always guranteed to put a smile on your face.

Come on the guy is getting soulful and crazy about a thong! 
I personally recommend adding it to your gym playlist and no doubt you'll see what I mean. What's on your gym/running/exercise playlist? I'm always open to new ideas!

I am love love loving all of Topshop at the moment, seriously there was a period a few months back when there was nothing I desired! at all! I had my voucher to spend and I didn't find anything I genuinely had to have. Autumn/ Winter fashion at the moment in store is brilliant here are a few things that have caught my eye.

I tried on the mightnight blue playsuit ages ago in the Oxford Circus Topshop and fell in love with it then but could only justify buying the shirt that day. So Santa...if you listening
I would really like this please! ha x

I like this because you can see Jon's shadow! x


  1. That blue playsuit is lovely really hope Santa delivers that for you.


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