28 Oct 2012

Country Bumpkin

Today was another beautiful Autumn day and we decided to go for a walk around the park after a lovely long lie in. It was extremely muddy and managed to rain on and off throughout our walk. This really was a case of function over fashion and having already wrecked lots of my favourite shoes on walks at the beach etc wellies were definitely in order! (Thank you Gilly!).

I found this duck jumper a the British Red Cross charity shop last year for a couple of pounds and fell in love at first sight. It's quite big 
(actually a men's jumper but i roll it under so it's more fitted). 

 Love love love AUTUMN colours!

This is my lovely pumpkin called...Bumpkin! (of course!)

x have a happy halloween!! x


  1. Don't think you can get more Autumnal than these gorgeous photos! Cute outfit too. Happy Halloween sweetie xx

  2. hey there! great autumn pictures! loool at the boots~ how 'bout we share the pumpkin?

    oh yeah, and would you like for us to follow each other?

    lots of lovin'


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