8 Oct 2012

*Cinnamon Spotlight* -Liam Nathan Duffy-

October is officially the launch of The Cinnamon Slipper's Cinnamon Spotlight, 
a dedicated post where I'll be focusing on somebody else's personal style that interests me, and hopefully you too. I am pleased to announce that the very first ever person we'll be celebrating is a dear friend of mine,
Liam Nathan Duffy

I will never forget the first time I saw Liam all those years ago at University in my Musical Theatre class, singing along to the musical 'We Will Rock You'. Whenever I saw him, whether it was in class or just running into each other on nights out he always looked so effortlessly stylish and cool.

Liam has always been someone who has a stylish flair when it comes to dressing himself and is continuously on the ball when it comes to the hottest brands, 
and generally a really talented and lovely bloke!

A big, big thank you to Liam for taking part with this month's 
Fashion Spotlight.


  1. Friggin loved this, what an icon Liam is, and I like your style of interviewing, obviously just waiting for my call now, for when you do a trendy teacher interview haha!!!!! supermodels!!!!

    1. Dear Mini Mission,

      Oh i'm so glad you liked it! Liam really is a style icon! Thanks for the feedback...I'm not one for formal questions....and why not do it in text form? so it's a bit more interesting to read? hee hee!

      speak soon hun xx

  2. What a fab interview sweetie! I remember Liam from uni! Really love the way you put all the images together. Nice work! xx

    1. Thanks angel! would love to do one of these on you sometime in the future when you've got a moment!!! xxxx


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