23 Oct 2012

Il fait du brouillard

Monday was such a foggy day here in Kent. On my way out for the day with Jon we stopped by somewhere eerie to get some shots of the fog at it's best and this seemed perfect.

'Il fait du brouillard'- (it's foggy)

Is still the one sentence I will always remember well from my days of GCSE French all those years ago. I can still vividly picture the giant flash card of a man lost in some fog that the teacher would hold up for it.

I was never really any good in French; let's just say I can order some food (mainly chicken and fish), ask to sit by the window if I need to in a restaurant and tell someone if I've lost my bag?!?  'J'ai Perdu mon sac!', which is really all you need to
get around when you go to France anyway! There you have it! French 101 with Rebecca!

This is my Autumn fashion wish list full of things I would love to wear (and preferably own) during Autumn.
Particularly in love with the galactic dress by Evil Twin at Urban Outfitters...might have to save up for that beauty!

Dress- Evil Twin at Urban Outfitter, Boots- Urban Outfitters Blouse- Miss Selfridge
Creepers- Topshop Bag- Topshop Necklace- Forever 21 Hat- Topshop

This vintage jumper was a gift from Berty and Gerty Vintage, I fell in love with it instantly and absolutely love the vibrant use of colours Still not quite sure what kind of bird he is (some kind of embroidered bird/duck/phoenix) but I love him! 

Now these chelsea boots were an absolute bargain I bought from a summer fair a few weeks back and they cost me 50p! I can't even remember a time when I've ever got a whole pair of shoes for just a 50 pence piece! Unfortunately a few weeks down the line both heels and soles of each foot fell off whilst in transit (these things always happen to me!) 
and I had to get them repaired, meaning they cost me ten pounds and a fifty pence piece...still a bargain!  

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