10 Oct 2012

No Regrets....Just Love

So the past week or so has been a complete mega-mix of all kinds of activities, mini adventures, castings and auditions and I've been getting seriously snap happy on Instagram in the process. You know what? I would choose Instagram over Facebook and Twitter any day and these days it really tends to be my social network of choice. 
 'Berty and Gerty' 

Sometimes I think to myself- I really cannot bare to read another negative status on Facebook today! or a horrible rant on twitter. 
Why not post something upbeat and nice once in a while people? 
I think it's fair to say there is less drama and more creativity on Instagram. 
So here are some of my most recent photos I've taken.
Wall display of retro hairdryers at the hairdressers
Childhood flash back! Trolls for sale in Camden Market

I'm all about the positivity people and I love passing the time by looking at photos whether it be of a friends dog, a beautiful piece of clothing, what they're wearing that day or even a delicious looking cupcake. 

a birthday card for Aunty Jacquie that
I fell in love with.
What I wore to a casting.
Dress- ASOS (Yonks ago!)
Necklace- Primark
Boots- Clarkes
Bag- Camden
Hair cut and a new shade of red with the
fantastic Paul

On Wednesday I modelled for the fabulous 'Berty and Gerty' Vintage. 
Here are a few snaps.


Taking a trip back to 60's with these shirt dresses, perfect with a pair of black chelsea boots and why not team them with a black leather jacket? 

Instagram: Rebeccatantastic

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