28 Nov 2012


I can't take any credit for todays post inspiration...it was only when I posted a photo of my look in Instagram on Facebook when a friend Lexie said 'How very Madeline!"! Of course! Why didn't I think of that? I knew when I saw this on the rail at Monica's Vintage Fair it reminded me of something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it!
 Maybe you haven't had the pleasure of reading the books or seeing the movie or the cartoons all those years back....I know me and my sister Izzy were obsessed with it when it came out! It's a brilliant family-friendly movie and in retrospect now cinematically it's quite stunning. Set in Paris, it follows little orphan Madeline as she boards in a girls school...not the kind where they are evil to you though, like in The Little Princess; she's the shortest and naughtiest of the bunch and their teacher/carer is a nun.

The iconic blue coats and yellow straw hats recreated in real life form. I think I should dress up as Madeline more often! 

It would only seem fair to include a little mini Madeline with me in these shots.

Just hanging out with life size Madeline....you know the usual....
Au Revoir!

x Rebecca x

20 Nov 2012

Santa baby

The Christmas Jumper: Classically tacky, typically knit with one of our favourite Christmas icons- Rudolf, Snowman or Santa and either loved or hated depending on who you are...however you feel, they're going to be big again this festive season! 2011 saw a big revival for Christmas jumpers when the BBC's Christmas commercial featured all their TV celebrities wearing them while singing and jumping about; suddenly there was a huge demand for them overnight, and popular website MyChristmasJumper.com sold out of everything a month before Christmas Day.
cardigan- Ebay
skirt-american apparel
boots-new look
satchel- camden market                           

Usually with Christmas jumpers you get them as a gift on Christmas day and can only wear them once...where's the fun in that?! So I've started wearing mine in November to get all the use out of it I can! I think November is a perfectly acceptable time to start wearing it; if all the shops can have their decorations up, play Christmas songs and sell Christmas crackers then I'm going to wear my santa cardigan!

What I love most about my Santa cardigan is the sheer detail of sequins and embroidery, all of which is hand sewn and quite simply brilliant. I bagged this beauty off ebay for next to nothing and it's one of a kind too.

Heart throb Mark Darcey in Bridget Jones Diary famously wore a Christmas Jumper at the 'Turkey Curry Buffet'....and in my opinion still looks foxy as ever. You definitely would, wouldn't you?
awwwww swoooonnnnnn!....
Searching for the perfect Christmas jumper these days is quite simple really; the high-street has pretty much jumped on the bandwagon and you can find a Christmas jumper in most stores...but if you looking for a more obscure, crazier jumper Ebay is your best bet.

Good Christmas Jumpers

Simply type in either 'ugly christmas jumper' or 'Xmas jumper' and thousands upon thousands of jumpers are up for sale....and I must say it's quite entertaining to scroll through a load and laugh at the some where they are genuinely hideous where the sellers have actually stuck on cuddly toys, glued on felt and googly eyes....yikes! only for you to realise people are really bidding for them?! This is an example of a BAD christmas jumper!.....

Bad Christmas Jumpers

Yes I know it's only £3.65....but....seriously people?! No!....this is not a good jumper. Just look at it, his legs to too short, he looks more like Gandalf than Santa....and what the hell is going on with his hands?! haha!

I would love to know your thoughts of 'the christmas jumper' whether your a lover or a hater...or maybe I've converted you to go look for one that best suits you? 

x Rebecca x

19 Nov 2012

Lobster Thermidor

My hunt for a lobster print is over!! I have found one and it's so kitsch and so cute and I am extremely pleased. I have always had a thing about lobsters...In fact my whole family does.  They are fascinating creatures aren't they? Strangely enough it's also my favourite meal I've ever had (served with a baked potato and broccoli from the Red Lobster in America).
I have always wanted a lobster print dress too...which I have yet to find but when I found this in Urban Outfitters in the sale section last week I squealed out loud in sheer delight! In the male section no less?!- what a waste!! I had to have it and buy a second one also for my Sister for her birthday because I know she'll love it too. 
(Amber if you're reading this, I did mean to keep this a surprise but I couldn't wait any longer I just had to wear it! I know you'll understand)

What is it about lobsters in fashion? It would seem that the fashion crowd cannot get enough of these shellfish icons. Dating from way back to Wallace Simpson- the Duchess of Windsor wearing 'The Lobster Dress' when photographed for Vogue. The leading lady of the Fashion World Anna Wintour opting for an embellished lobster dress by Prada at this year's Met Gala. Philip Treacy creating 'that' famous headpiece for Isabella Blow and then 
Lady Ga Ga. 

I too have been caught in the lobster trap and I must say it felt great. I was smiling all day long wearing it at work. Choosing to compliment it with a retro edge on this occasion I received lots of compliments that day, people asking where I got it from and how I did my hair. Simple really: don't wash it that day so you have more volume and a bit of backcombing and voila!

It does make me wonder though...would it be as cool and iconic if it were a crab? Once again wearing my vintage denim dungaree dress....which I cannot seem to get enough of. I do have other clothing (I promise!) but I love the fact I can team it up with a different shirt, blouse, t-shirt every other day to create a different look. It's fair to say it's the best £3.50 I have ever spent and from Monica's Vintage Fair no less.


Also in recent news my brand new custom illustrated header is complete courtesy of the incredibly talented Gia from The Savvy Chics. I can't quite remember how I found her but I just knew instantly I had to get in touch and get her create a beautiful brand new header for The Cinnamon Slipper. I loved her illustration style and I am so so pleased with the results! thank you so much Gia!! 

12 Nov 2012

From dawn till dusk...

I have never been one to take photos at night for a blog post because I hate using a flash for photos; I much prefer natural light. But then there's always a first time for everything! 
Now it's autumn/winter, I know it gets darker earlier but I still wasn't prepared for how dark it got yesterday! I thought we'd be ok, maybe get a bit of twilight light....apparently not...pitch black! 

These shots were taken in the churchyard up the road from where we live.  At nighttime the church is bathed with orange flood lights and we thought looked it pretty cool so we snuck in! 
Denim dress- Vintage
Shirt- Topshop
Cowboy boots- Vintage
I've got a country-cowgirl-casual thing going on here. I bought this denim dress the previous day at Monica's Vintage Fair and haggled it down to £3.50! I fell in love with it because it had really cute embroidery of American flags and fireworks on the front and back. It reminds me of one of my favourite Katy Perry songs too! 

Usually a summer wardrobe item but teamed with a shirt and some tights and it's turned into a Autumnal outfit. I know I will be wearing this throughout winter too!

It was really spooky actually, at one point Jon got a fright when he thought he saw a ghost but we decided it was just a puff of smoke coming from the side of the church. Then just as we were leaving we both looked at each other and wondered...if there's no one in the church, where's the smoke coming from? spooky stuff!

Seriously spooky stuff!
x Rebecca x

8 Nov 2012

Windmills of your mind

Greetings all! It's been a few days since my last post as I haven't felt 100% and have been out of action....firstly, I had a horrendous cold; I was surrounded by tissues and taking crazy doses of Night Nurse, leaving me with a chapped nose and dozy eyes....not a good look!  Then to top it off I woke up at 4am the other night with (stop reading if you're squeamish!) blood pouring out of my ear and all over my pillow!

Panicking because I couldn't hear out of my ear I got Jon to google "what to do when your ear bleeds"...(what did we ever do before google!?!?!) and not to get graphic on you...but there was enough blood to ruin my pillow and scare me into calling NHS direct at 4 in the morning! 

So- to cut a long and painful story short- I went to the doctors and when she looked in my ear she gave a frightened little squeak!  It wasn't just a tear in my eardrum...I had no eardrum! Anyway, the good doctor sorted it out and I'm now on the mend! I've got to go back in a month to get my ear checked out to make sure it's safe to wear an earpiece at work again.

(ha ha my life really is ridiculous sometimes!)

I got this poodle suit a while ago in the ASOS sale and just had to have it. It might not be everyone's cup of tea and I have worn this out and about and people think I'm a crazy poodle lady but what can I say?

I have a weakness for clothing with kooky animals on!

This windmill is only down the road from where I live and it suddenly occurred to me today that we should go and get some snaps and take the poodles for a walk while the sky was looking beautiful and blue!  You stay classy, planet earth.

x Rebecca x
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