12 Nov 2012

From dawn till dusk...

I have never been one to take photos at night for a blog post because I hate using a flash for photos; I much prefer natural light. But then there's always a first time for everything! 
Now it's autumn/winter, I know it gets darker earlier but I still wasn't prepared for how dark it got yesterday! I thought we'd be ok, maybe get a bit of twilight light....apparently not...pitch black! 

These shots were taken in the churchyard up the road from where we live.  At nighttime the church is bathed with orange flood lights and we thought looked it pretty cool so we snuck in! 
Denim dress- Vintage
Shirt- Topshop
Cowboy boots- Vintage
I've got a country-cowgirl-casual thing going on here. I bought this denim dress the previous day at Monica's Vintage Fair and haggled it down to £3.50! I fell in love with it because it had really cute embroidery of American flags and fireworks on the front and back. It reminds me of one of my favourite Katy Perry songs too! 

Usually a summer wardrobe item but teamed with a shirt and some tights and it's turned into a Autumnal outfit. I know I will be wearing this throughout winter too!

It was really spooky actually, at one point Jon got a fright when he thought he saw a ghost but we decided it was just a puff of smoke coming from the side of the church. Then just as we were leaving we both looked at each other and wondered...if there's no one in the church, where's the smoke coming from? spooky stuff!

Seriously spooky stuff!
x Rebecca x


  1. I love this outfit and your pictures are so cool. Not sure how/why I don't own a pair of cowboy boots yet. I really like them with your shirt.

    Elise x


    1. Thanks Elise! Cowboy boots are definitely worth investing in! these cost next to nothing in a vintage shop!


  2. lovely outfit, such a cute shirt!

    xx Audrey


  3. Your shirt is so pretty, really like it with the denim dress too. My dad thought he saw a ghost once and he's the most sceptical person ever, hates any stories about things like that so now I always wonder what weird noises, shadows are...!xx

    1. Dear Emily,

      I have see many a thing in my time! but for my boyfriend is very very skeptical and doesn't believe in that sort of thing it's quite funny for it to happen to him! stay in touch! xxxx

  4. Love this rebecca! I'm very inspired to break out my skirted overalls! Though I'm not sure I could look close to how cute you do :)
    Take care!

    1. Dear Emily,

      I hope you're well!! thanks for your sweet words! i've worn this denim overall piece non stop since I've bought it!!! bring out your overalls it!! xxx

  5. Love this quirky cowgirl look! I'm so annoyed that the sun goes down half way through the day now! Why can't the sun consider us bloggers?! By the way I don't think I've said yet how amazing your blog's header is! The illustrator did such a fab job. xx


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