19 Nov 2012

Lobster Thermidor

My hunt for a lobster print is over!! I have found one and it's so kitsch and so cute and I am extremely pleased. I have always had a thing about lobsters...In fact my whole family does.  They are fascinating creatures aren't they? Strangely enough it's also my favourite meal I've ever had (served with a baked potato and broccoli from the Red Lobster in America).
I have always wanted a lobster print dress too...which I have yet to find but when I found this in Urban Outfitters in the sale section last week I squealed out loud in sheer delight! In the male section no less?!- what a waste!! I had to have it and buy a second one also for my Sister for her birthday because I know she'll love it too. 
(Amber if you're reading this, I did mean to keep this a surprise but I couldn't wait any longer I just had to wear it! I know you'll understand)

What is it about lobsters in fashion? It would seem that the fashion crowd cannot get enough of these shellfish icons. Dating from way back to Wallace Simpson- the Duchess of Windsor wearing 'The Lobster Dress' when photographed for Vogue. The leading lady of the Fashion World Anna Wintour opting for an embellished lobster dress by Prada at this year's Met Gala. Philip Treacy creating 'that' famous headpiece for Isabella Blow and then 
Lady Ga Ga. 

I too have been caught in the lobster trap and I must say it felt great. I was smiling all day long wearing it at work. Choosing to compliment it with a retro edge on this occasion I received lots of compliments that day, people asking where I got it from and how I did my hair. Simple really: don't wash it that day so you have more volume and a bit of backcombing and voila!

It does make me wonder though...would it be as cool and iconic if it were a crab? Once again wearing my vintage denim dungaree dress....which I cannot seem to get enough of. I do have other clothing (I promise!) but I love the fact I can team it up with a different shirt, blouse, t-shirt every other day to create a different look. It's fair to say it's the best £3.50 I have ever spent and from Monica's Vintage Fair no less.


Also in recent news my brand new custom illustrated header is complete courtesy of the incredibly talented Gia from The Savvy Chics. I can't quite remember how I found her but I just knew instantly I had to get in touch and get her create a beautiful brand new header for The Cinnamon Slipper. I loved her illustration style and I am so so pleased with the results! thank you so much Gia!! 


  1. This post is great. Such a cool t shirt. I'm just not convinced that crabs would have the same effect.

    Elise x


    1. Dear Elise, thanks hun! yep i just can't imagine the crab getting as much excitement! hee hee x

  2. Cute outfit...love it.*_*
    Maybe follow each other???
    My Blog


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