28 Nov 2012


I can't take any credit for todays post inspiration...it was only when I posted a photo of my look in Instagram on Facebook when a friend Lexie said 'How very Madeline!"! Of course! Why didn't I think of that? I knew when I saw this on the rail at Monica's Vintage Fair it reminded me of something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it!
 Maybe you haven't had the pleasure of reading the books or seeing the movie or the cartoons all those years back....I know me and my sister Izzy were obsessed with it when it came out! It's a brilliant family-friendly movie and in retrospect now cinematically it's quite stunning. Set in Paris, it follows little orphan Madeline as she boards in a girls school...not the kind where they are evil to you though, like in The Little Princess; she's the shortest and naughtiest of the bunch and their teacher/carer is a nun.

The iconic blue coats and yellow straw hats recreated in real life form. I think I should dress up as Madeline more often! 

It would only seem fair to include a little mini Madeline with me in these shots.

Just hanging out with life size Madeline....you know the usual....
Au Revoir!

x Rebecca x

1 comment :

  1. I love this look, even though you might not be able to take credit you've given the look a stylish twist..I love the look



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