20 Nov 2012

Santa baby

The Christmas Jumper: Classically tacky, typically knit with one of our favourite Christmas icons- Rudolf, Snowman or Santa and either loved or hated depending on who you are...however you feel, they're going to be big again this festive season! 2011 saw a big revival for Christmas jumpers when the BBC's Christmas commercial featured all their TV celebrities wearing them while singing and jumping about; suddenly there was a huge demand for them overnight, and popular website MyChristmasJumper.com sold out of everything a month before Christmas Day.
cardigan- Ebay
skirt-american apparel
boots-new look
satchel- camden market                           

Usually with Christmas jumpers you get them as a gift on Christmas day and can only wear them once...where's the fun in that?! So I've started wearing mine in November to get all the use out of it I can! I think November is a perfectly acceptable time to start wearing it; if all the shops can have their decorations up, play Christmas songs and sell Christmas crackers then I'm going to wear my santa cardigan!

What I love most about my Santa cardigan is the sheer detail of sequins and embroidery, all of which is hand sewn and quite simply brilliant. I bagged this beauty off ebay for next to nothing and it's one of a kind too.

Heart throb Mark Darcey in Bridget Jones Diary famously wore a Christmas Jumper at the 'Turkey Curry Buffet'....and in my opinion still looks foxy as ever. You definitely would, wouldn't you?
awwwww swoooonnnnnn!....
Searching for the perfect Christmas jumper these days is quite simple really; the high-street has pretty much jumped on the bandwagon and you can find a Christmas jumper in most stores...but if you looking for a more obscure, crazier jumper Ebay is your best bet.

Good Christmas Jumpers

Simply type in either 'ugly christmas jumper' or 'Xmas jumper' and thousands upon thousands of jumpers are up for sale....and I must say it's quite entertaining to scroll through a load and laugh at the some where they are genuinely hideous where the sellers have actually stuck on cuddly toys, glued on felt and googly eyes....yikes! only for you to realise people are really bidding for them?! This is an example of a BAD christmas jumper!.....

Bad Christmas Jumpers

Yes I know it's only £3.65....but....seriously people?! No!....this is not a good jumper. Just look at it, his legs to too short, he looks more like Gandalf than Santa....and what the hell is going on with his hands?! haha!

I would love to know your thoughts of 'the christmas jumper' whether your a lover or a hater...or maybe I've converted you to go look for one that best suits you? 

x Rebecca x


  1. I LOVE this jumper! So cute, I'm on the hunt for a christmas jumper, it's definitely acceptable to wear them now. I've already put my tree up, I couldn't help myself.


  2. Love your cardigan, i'm a huge Christmas fan so i just love it ;) like your hair on those pictures too, great colour!

    xx Audrey



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