16 Dec 2012

*Cinnamon Spotlight* a date with Pixie Late

It's December and that means it time for another Cinnamon Spotlight.  If you're new to the The Cinnamon Slipper the fashion spotlight is a feature devoted to someone else's individual style.  The last- and first- fashion spotlight with the fabulous Liam (click here!) was a trial and turned out to be incredibly successful, remaining one of the most read posts ever. 

 I am extremely pleased to announce that I have the absolute pleasure of London's very own Lolita Fashionista Pixie Late for December's Fashion Spotlight, celebrating her style, her fashion and what makes her so fabulous and so unique!
If you're already a fan of hers (I know I am....just look at her!) or have always been intrigued by this kind of style, this girl is complete perfection in the world of Lolita Fashion. Not quite sure what Lolita fashion is? Well just click here....to read an older post with a little bit of a lowdown. 
she made that hat herself!!!!
First up Name/location/occupation?
Pixie Late, London, Show organiser/model

Where did the name Pixie Late originate from? 
It's a combination of my interests at the time really. A lot of people call me pixie or fairy growing up and I was studying Graphic Design, which led me to think of the word 'pixelate'. It's a long-winded explanation but there we go! My friends sometimes jokes about it and say that it's because I'm small and always late…hence Pixie Late hmmmmm….
Describe your personal style:
My personal style (even before I got into Lolita fashion) have always been girly or flirty even though it was much less extravagant compared to Lolita. This is why I love the more modern Japanese street styles like "Himekaji gal" for everyday wear.
Who for you is your fashion icon?
I love Grace Kelly's elegant style and Brigitte Bardot's hairstyles (she has such thick hair!)

Any secret talents?
Hmm talents…I don't know if I call them talents but I'm a figure skater, I love dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. I am currently trying out electric guitar, all I need is an amp because strumming to songs acoustically can be kind of boring!

How long have you been dressing in Lolita?
About 3 years now!
When was it when you first came across Lolita as a style 
and what was it that attracted you to it?
I suppose initially I was intrigued by how different it looks from other types of fashion out there and loved that this particular fashion seems to regress back to old fashioned styles like the Rococo or Victorian era. I'm particularly fond of 18th century fine and decorative arts so this style seems like the perfect choice at the time.
What are the ultimate do's and don't when it comes to dressing in 'Lolita'?
Always feel comfortable and confident when wearing it. There is nothing worse than feeling bad about what you're wearing because it shows. I'm am going to say the typical advice "always wear a petticoat" if you are trying to achieve the Lolita look because it is what makes Lolita what it is. But note that this does not mean that people can't wear items from Lolita brands in a non-Lolita way. At the end of the day fashion evolves and rules in fashion will be bent so just try out what works for you individually and what makes you happy.
Tips to finding the perfect wig?
I think you need to try on a few different styles to see which one suits you the best to be honest! How about try tailoring it to what kind of look you're going for? I think hair is such an important feature to your looks and it really adds to your coordination so a little thought would come in handy when dressing in any type of fashion. If you're going for the natural look then why not use your own hair even, on that note I actually have many people telling me that my real hair looks like a wig!
Now you have your own shop 'Pixie Bunny' tell me a little bit more about it!.....
Pixie Bunny (www.pixiebunny.com) is a brand new beauty and fashion shop tailored to those who wants to get some of the 'kawaii' look I've been sporting for the past three years. We carry 100% genuine quality Japanese lashes and tights and we will be getting up to date fashion items from Japan. I'm so thrilled I can open this shop because it's another way of me sharing my love for 'kawaii' style with my friends and followers.
Favourite/Must have item in 'Pixie Bunny'?....
It's all about quality lower lashes and Mameshiba x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu tights! It's hard to source good quality Japanese lower lashes and our limited edition Mameshi Pamyu Pamyu tights are very popular! Actually I am doing a Christmas sale from the 14th - 17th of December so don't miss out! 
You can check out Pixie Bunny's Facebook page for the link or just go straight to the online shop!! (links at the bottom!)
Favourite fashion season spring, summer, autumn or winter?
I love Winter and Summer! Summer for the pretty and flirty summer dresses and Winter for all the fluffy earmuffs and mitts.

Your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
I don't know this is difficult…but for this season my favourite item should be BABY the star shines bright white bunny mini cape. It's soft, fluffy, cute and it keeps me warm.

Makeup essentials?
Eyeliner, lashes and blusher for me! I'm very pale so a blusher is a must have for me.
I must say you are INCREDIBLY photogenic! what are your secrets to your adorable poses? what tips would you give?
Haha thank you! Hmm I actually feel awkward most of the time but I guess I'm used to it now? I would say smile and think of something (or someone) cute. That probably didn't help at all but that's what I do during shoots. I usually think about my pet rabbits!

Biggest shopping weakness?
Shopping IS my weakness…
If money was no object what would you buy? 
A castle and I would fill it with pretty dresses, shoes and art I love! I'd love to be an art collector...
What can you not stand?
Dirt…I'm a little big OCD when it comes to sharing things with people but I'm getting much better.
Any exciting fashion/modelling/acting plans for 2013?
Well I'm a spokesmodel for Gothic Lolita Wigs (http://www.gothiclolitawigs.com) and we have been collaborating together to come up with their first venture in hair extensions. It's called the Pixie Collection and there will be hair buns, ponytails and clip on fringes! I'm very excited about it! It's been postponed for such a long time now but I think we will finally get it up in the new year!

Also look out for some wintery themed shoots!

Well it's fair to say that this girl most definitely has some serious style...and if you're anything like me you might have some serious wardrobe envy now!  Whether Lolita Fashion is for you or not, you should definitely take on board her tips for photo perfection...'think of baby rabbits' (dont you just love her?)! 
 I'd like to say a massive thank you to the gorgeous Pixie Late for her time and permission to use her photos. 

Here are the links to follow Pixie on her blog 
and her shop!

Pixie's shop: here and


  1. lovely feature :9
    I loved your blog a lot, want to follow each other :)?

    1. Thanks Rainbow Gatherer!
      Really glad you're enjoying it here! yes let's both follow xxxx rebecca

  2. such cute looks


  3. Another brilliant interview! She has such amazing Lolita style and I loved reading all about it. My favourite outfit is the black & gold skyline print dress with the butterfly headdress. I love that she thinks of rabbits when she's being photographed! xx

    1. Thanks hun! was so much fun doing this post and I've had my eye on her for ages and I got to meet her at hyper japan this xmas and ask her! I agree the black and gold dress is a fav too and the wig with that too is stunning! xxx

  4. Wow, her style is flawless. Thanks so much for sharing!

    <3 Melissa

    1. Thanks Melissa! I'm glad you enjoyed it! she really is a darling isn't she? xxxx


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