6 Dec 2012

Fix up look sharp

The days are getting chillier and in some parts of the country yesterday it snowed.
 I must admit that my winter wardrobe at the moment mostly consists of my summer wardrobe with some combination of shirt or blouse underneath with tights! 
I was going for a smart-school-girl kind of look this day, using one of my head scarfs as a neck tie. I personally went to school that had the most casual uniform so I never really learnt how to ever do a tie for many years until I went to University. 
Shirt- Ralph Lauren
Tie- H&M
Dress- Closet @ Dorothy Perkins

I will always remember that my dear friend Kayla taught me how to do them! 
(Thanks man!) for the school disco night out!
I definitely think I missed out on a rite of passage when it came to wearing a tie at school. Personally....I would of loved having to wear the full get up- blazer, shirt and tie.
Alas my school wasn't that posh!

Fixing up looking sharp 
x Rebecca x


  1. I absolutely love this outfit and these pictures are gorgeous.
    Elise x


  2. This outfit looks stunning on you!! Love it!!

    Love your blog, by the way. I've added it to my morning reads on greader. ;)

    1. Dear Michelle! thanks so much!!! will be sure to check yours out! xxxx


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