31 Dec 2012

In your face last year me!

2012 is almost over and it's been an incredible year!  I only started
The Cinnamon Slipper in April but I feel a celebration is in order. My blog hasn't even been going for a year yet and I already feel an enormous sense of achievement. It's been my creative outlet and my online fashion diary and so many magical things have happened since it started: here's a mashup of some of my favourite outfits/posts from each month.

It would appear I had a favourite pose in the first couple of months ha ha! What can I say? If it's a good angle and works for you why not?

Some months it was so hard to single out one outfit but these made the cut.

I would like to take the time to wish you all a very happy new year and hope that it may bring you and your loved ones all the very best love, luck, health and happiness. I know for some people it's been a difficult year (I for one can most definitely vouch for that!) but with the lows also come the highs.
I have had some truly amazing experiences this year and I think it's important to remember and be grateful for the good times as well as the bad.
As Monica says in 'Friends'
I can only pray that this next year can top it....I have lots of exciting goals I want to achieve in 2013; resolutions I don't believe in....it's all about having goals and creating a new vision board.

I picked this dress up in the sales....and it's the only thing I allowed myself to get as it can get a little silly impulse-buying (often for the sake of it just because things are cheap!) so I was quite self-restrained! I wanted to buy this originally when it was full price at Topshop but I waited and it paid off! Lo and behold it was the last in store, I randomly found it in my size hiding amongst the trousers section! Hurrah!
Here's a instagram round up of the last day or so.
  • A dinosaur birthday card I painted for Jon.
  • An outfit I wore that I didn't have time to stop and blog.
  • and....2013 excitement.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
Thanks for reading as always.

xx Rebecca

Let's make 2013 a bangin' year.....did I just say bangin'?...... yeah I did.


  1. Happy New Year gorgeous! Hope Jon had a good birthday - Love the dinosaur card :) I kinda regret not buying that pretty dress but there's too much choice the massive Topshop store I work at! You look lovely in it though. xx

    1. Thanks hun! yeah I was gonna work this xmas as an xmas temp for Topshop but decided to turn it down and work at Cath Kidston as I thought I would just go mental and spend ALLLLL my wages on clothes! eeeek! thanks!

      Yes Jon had a lovely birthday!!! xxx happy new year!


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