28 Dec 2012

Keep the change you filthy animal..

Christmas has officially been and gone and it was such a magical day. I spent this Christmas with Jon and his family and it was really a day to remember...I was writing in my diary that night and as I sat on the bed thinking over what we'd done, I realised just how much fun and laughter we'd had all day long! What I can't get over is the weeks and weeks of build up and hype, the TV adverts, hearing Christmas songs in shops in August...then it's completely over and done with in a few hours, everyone forgets Christmas and goes New Years Eve c-c-ccrazy!

Christmas for me this year was filled with lots of games, activities, singing, and lots and lots of laughing and- I'm pleased to say- not once did we put on the TV to watch any of the Christmas programmes. (A first for me!) I must admit though I was a little gutted when I realised I missed playing the moustache game with the Queens Speech! It was worth it though, especially playing 'Spronkers' in the garage!

"What the heck is spronkers?" I hear you ask! Well.....it's basically like playing conkers but with sprouts! I was playing Brian (Jon's daddy) and was doing pretty well until one fatal slow-motion blow from Brian's sprout cost me the semi-final!.....gutted.
I was lucky enough to receive some truly special gifts from my loved ones. My sister Amber gave me her sewing machine, books and sewing kit so I can kick start my 2013 mission to make my own clothes! That will be my next venture on The Cinnamon Slipper...so excited, but I'm almost resigned to the fact that for the first few attempts I'm going to look like 'that crazy girl who makes her own clothes'!
I got lots of things: new slippers (see above!), a diary, a Paul Hollywood cookbook (LOVE him!), penguin mittens, a beautiful vintage cake stand made by Brian himself (which I completely adore), an epic photo story book made by Jon, a penguin broach, a Geisha Umbrella.....just to name a few!  I will no doubt feature my lovely gifts in a future posts...keep your eyes out especially for my penguin mittens!
This is a little christmas-mash-up of Jonathan playing the guitar while we sang christmas carols, my beautiful new vintage cake stand, opening gifts, and well....you know being excited and happy.....

Hoping you all had a spiffing Christmas!

lots of sweet cinnamon
 Rebecca xx


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