4 Dec 2012

Oh Gnome she didn't!

I don't quite know why it's taken me so long to post an entry on one of my favourite jumpers? As soon as the chilly months arrive it's time for me to bring out 
my trusty gnome jumper and take him on an outing. 
As lots of you know Gnomes are yet another Rebecca Tan obsession...
This love of Gnomes probably stems from my family owning an giant indoor Gnome called Fred. Yes, you heard me, a giant indoor gnome called Fred! 
He was one of the family forever until he got smashed and my mum 
didn't have to heart to replace him.  I like to think Fred still watches over us haha
Sunday was a lovely day off, I went along with Jon and his parents to the Christmas market in Rochester. It was the most perfect afternoon, the weather was frosty, the smell of chips and mulled wine was in the air and they even had a snow machine!
That was the first day of the year for me it really did feel like Christmas! The people were singing, the music was playing and they even had my favourite hot chocolate with Baileys...mmmmm.....
I fell in love with my gnome Jumper last year.  It's from Cath Kidston and at the time cost an awful lot so I couldn't afford it...I'd hoped Jon would get him for me for Christmas only for it to be sold out everywhere already in November. Devastated, I vowed on Fred's grave I would find him one day and low and behold I did on Ebay on boxing day!!
Blimey, sometimes when I type my blog posts I really think to myself....
People must think I'm berserk....lobsters, gnomes, mermaids...what next? 
Well, as lots of you may have gathered, I am rather open-minded in terms of fashion 
and love to wear things that make me smile.
 I do not dress for anyone else but myself. 
How about you? Who do you dress for?

Gnome sweet Gnome 

Rebecca x


  1. as adorable as the gnome jumper is, I am coveting strawberry hat!

    1. ah yes my river island strawberry beanie!!! it's so cold at the moment in Kent! Freezing infact! a beanie hat was definitely in order!!!!

      hope you're well Lexie! xxxx

  2. Beautiful photos!! A lot like Christmas indeed!! ♥


    1. Thanks Sharina!!! I will be sure to check your blog out now! thanks for the follow!! xxxxx

  3. Lovely pics! Love your outfit, especially your jumper. I'm in love with your hair, love the colour.
    xx Audrey


    1. Thanks Audrey! I must admit it changes colour pretty much every few days!....ah the joys of being a red head, I love it but it's a lot of work!! ha ha

      hope you're well!

      x Rebecca

  4. I don't know which is cuter - the strawberry hat or gnome jumper. I LOVE how bonkers your fashion sense can be :) Your chic coat tones it down and stops it from looking too crazy! Nicely styled xx

    1. Dearest Lou lou, yes indeed I can be completely bonkers with my fashion style.....I think to myself I wonder if I'll wake up next year when im 26 and think.....right im getting too old for this kind of thing with my ducks and gnome jumpers?! hahahah

      thanks hun xxx big love x

  5. This hat is so cute! I love your blog, your pictures are all so exciting :)
    Elise x


    1. Dear Elise,

      thanks so much!! really glad you keep stopping by!! so nice to have some lovely followers! i'm still in the very early days of my blog and learning all the time.
      photos are taken by my lovely man! xxxxxx rebecca

  6. I love gnomes too, I have one (a statue) on my balcony :) your hat and that jumper is super cute =)


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