20 Dec 2012

The little yellow door

I can't quite believe it's only a few days till the big day! This month has flown by and before  we know it we'll be writing our new year's resolutions and 2013 will be upon us. I finished all of my christmas shopping yesterday and it's all wrapped up and sitting under the tree. I can now kick back, relax and enjoy my journey back home to Bristol tomorrow visiting my family. Yay!! It's been too long!
I fell in love with this house the other day. We went for a little walk and found a listed cottage with a quaint little yellow door and ivy covered walls.  "I would love to live in house like that", I said "Isn't it gorgeous? I bet the people who live there are really lovely!" Jon remained unconvinced: "If we're gonna take photos we're gonna have to be quick because the people that live there are complete w*nkers!" ha ha. To cut a long story short, he used to do a paper round when he was younger and apparently the people that lived in this beautiful, idylic, dream house were absolutely terrible to him! ha ha!
I always imagined the people who live there must bake cakes all day long in a house smelling of apple pie and cinnamon, tending their garden in the summer and jovially greeting their neighbours on spring mornings as they make their way to the local bakery to buy bread for their saturday morning toast...according to Jon they never gave him apple pie, tended to shun their neighbours and were rarely- if ever- jovial...their garden DID look lovely though!
Blimey I need to dye my hair again! ha ha
This is a new dress I got the other week from Topshop for mine and Jon's anniversary; I wanted a new dress to wear (any excuse for a new dress!) to celebrate the fact that three years and a few days ago me and my beloved man first started seeing each other. Whilst I know this is a fashion blog, this is also a fashion/style/my life blog as well. 
So let's turn the camera around for moment on the man himself: Jon!
I have been reluctant to reveal photos on The Cinnamon Slipper of my beautiful man till now as it is incredibly personal, but given we celebrated our third anniversary the other day, this blog would not be at all possible without his constant help, support and inspiration.
 He takes all my photos, puts up with my crazy shenanigans like going to laundrettes, standing in the Sea, traipsing among corn fields
(feel free to click and see!) and why does he do this? All for me. 
I would just like to say thank you!
 He reads every single post on my blog and proof reads and sifts through all the crap and ramblings I go on about 
(you think this is a rambling you should see what I write before he edits it!).
Here he is! My Jonathan, my best friend, my boyfriend, my soul mate that I found in the toy department in Harrods all those years ago. Who would of thought I would find the love of my life in a toy shop while I was selling nail varnish pens?! I guess it was fate. I nearly didn't go to work there and almost accepted a job elsewhere and low and behold my first day of working there I was painting my nails....and something told me to look up and there he was! He smiled and said hello to me, 'the new girl', and it was love at first sight. I instantly had butterflies.
I never really believed in the whole 'love-at-first-sight' thing and I was a bit of a commitment phobic prior to him (after a major heartbreak) but with Jon it was magical the moment we first kissed. We moved in together straight away and fell in love within a matter of days. 
 I do feel incredibly blessed to have him in my life and here's us toasting to our first three years of many. 
We ate tapas in our favourite Wahaca...yep, that was our table!
 A VW camper van! How cool?! 
I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 
xxxxx Rebecca xxxxx


  1. Great outfit! I really like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

    1. Thanks Diana!!! glad you've enjoyed your visit here! it's always lovely to find new followers! xxxx rebecca

  2. Lovely pics, you look so cute together!

    congrats on being 3 years together. Love the outfit.

    x Audrey


    1. Thanks Audrey!!

      I hope you're well! Merry Christmas!! xxxx rebecca

  3. Merry Christmas lady and happy belated anniversary to you and your man

  4. The story of how you met is so sweet, and love at first sight obviously does exist! That's so lovely that Jon not only takes all your pictures but also edits what you write. Good job Jon! Happy belated anniversary AND Merry Christmas! Hope to meet up with you in London sometime in 2013 :) xxx

    1. He really is a savour! I don't know what I'd do without him. i've had other people take my photos but I don't feel as comfortable or as natural as i do when i'm with him for 'fashiony outfit' shots!

      merry christmas hope to meet up with you soon!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Love your blog! Which wahaca is this? Need to take my boyfriend, he's a complete VW nut (we even have a classic beetle!) x


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