12 Dec 2012

What a hoot!

At last a day off to gather my thoughts...lie in and catch up on everything...and what a fine day off it was too! I was actually meant to go into Central London for a meeting but plans changed, meaning I got to share the day with my lovely man! It's been a busy week full of days when I've not been able to stop and properly document what I'm wearing. Below is what I wore to work a few days ago. You've got to love a good old 'mirror selfie'.

Actually I lie, there was one day this week when Jon and I took some photos of one particular outfit...but I was sat in my PJs looking at them on my laptop last night and wailing to Jon, "I look bloody horrendous!" "errrrghhhhh I hate every single photo!" "why do I look like a beast in this one?!". The poor guy puts up with a lot...it's not his fault I didn't deliver that day. I don't know if this is something other bloggers are familiar with: you wake up, get ready, go through the usual routine and look in the mirror and think..."I'm just not really feeling it today!"...

I'm know I'm being dramatic but I think as women we all get this; we all have days when it's simply just not happening! Your face isn't sparkling like a vampire, you're feeling a little bloated, your "smizing" just looks creepy, you look miserable instead of 'thoughtful' and the results are well...pretty crap. This photo was the only one to survive the dreaded 'select all and delete' that all terrible shots must fear ...and yes it was taken on my phone and spruced up using Instagram.
I don't even know how Jonathan and I manage to get ourselves into the situations we get ourselves into sometimes! On our way to the cinema we had a little look out for somewhere that would be a nice winter backdrop for todays outfit. After ending up in the middle of nowhere we found this field of newly planted trees...at least I think that's what's going on here.
We decided to pull over and take some snaps when a man in a tractor stopped and got out to tell me off to get off his land....eeeek! So I calmly got out of the car and played the damsel in distress card (sometimes it's great being a girl!) and told him I was lost and asked if there was somewhere for me to turn around!
Luckily he didn't speak much English apart from 'Yes' and 'OK' so I told him that I'd go and turn around and got back in the car. So we drove round the corner out of sight "to turn around", jumped out and took some seriously speedy snaps in about 1 minute flat. "QUICK QUICK!! Pose, pose, pose! GO!"  "Great! Get in the car" "Oh no wait baby one on my phone too please for instagram!" Blimey girl...talk about getting your priorities right! ha ha
 This owl jumper is one of my favourite vintage jumpers. I found this gem in a little pop-up vintage shop at the back burlesque evening I went to. You know how I roll by now...it's got a cute animal...some fabulous embroidery...it's a keeper!
I simply love this back of this jumper too where he's asleep. It's very rare to find clothing that pays attention to the back like this.

I'll leave you with this, a very lame owl joke.

Two owls were playing pool. One owl said " Two Hits". The other owl said "Two hits to who?"

You are welcome! ha xx Rebecca xx


  1. Your mirror is epic! I want :) also, I love love love your coat xx

    1. thanks!! it's all jazzed up for xmas!!! xxxx

  2. Hi I am so jealous with your cute blog. Did you design them? It's very pretty and you are lovely. Hope we could follow each other.



    1. My blogger header is designed by Gia at http://www.thesavvychics.com/ and blogger design by wonder forest!!

      thanks for the lovely words! i will check out your blog now! xxxx

  3. Haha this post made me laugh. The back of this jumper really is gorgeous, i love back detailing. I also love the first picture - your mirror is beautiful, as is the dress :)
    Elise x

    1. Hey elise! hope you're well hun! what you been up to recently? glad it made you smile! me and my life! hahah xxxx

  4. the priettest mirror I ever seen


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