29 Jan 2013

Cute as a button

Blouse- Forever 21
Skirt- The Cinnamon Slipper (handmade by MOI!)
Shoes- Office
So all those hours of sewing and snipping have paid off and I have made my very own skirt. I can't get enough of it, having already worn it 3 times since...too much? NEVER! ha ha. I decided on black fabric as I knew it would go with everything this chilly time of year. Since I made my skirt I have bought a beautiful novelty bungalow sewing box, some more fabric and as we speak I am on my second skirt. I have most definitely caught the sewing bug!
This is my brand new necklace which is a tribute to my first ever dog Coco the Dachshund (in my opinion dachshunds are the best dogs ever! One day Coco disappeared and my mum told me she had gone to a big farm with lots of other dogs...I hope wherever she is she's a very happy dog!) I picked the necklace up at a trade jewellery fair the other week from a brand new up-and-coming designer. It was too cute to pass by...it had to come home with me!

What I am loving about my new hobby is the sheer amount of possibilities. 
I have always had a very acquired taste in my styling and in particular I am rather partial to a quirky print....
and sometimes the dresses I imagine in my head don't actually exist in the retail world.
ie: lobster print, jelly fish print, whale, dinosaur print dress....

Surely there must be a gap in the market for this kind of fashion? 
Maybe not...

Well you know what? I guess I'm just going to have to make them myself!

x Rebecca 


  1. Glad yer finally on it with the cloth buildin!!!
    Last pic is nice, keep it up dudle!

    1. awww jac!! so so so nice of you to swing by!!! seeing your lil face in me comments made me :-)!! all I can say to you is one word....

      a b a z a b a!

      waaaaaa xxx

  2. Cute outfit and great skirt...x

  3. love the skirt and the hair and oh your style

    1. thanks jeeda! thanks for stopping by! feel free to follow! x

  4. what a lovely shoot! I really like this skirt, it's awesome! <3

    1. katie my lovely! always a pleasure!! hope you're well! how many more days till lana?? ah !!! bet you're so excited!

  5. Heyy girl,
    I googled the Topshop squirrel dress, same pattern but the collar is different and the TS version has no sleeves. Veryyyy close though hehe.
    I love the skirt. I tried sewing my own clothing for the shop, got too stressful lol. I'll stick to sewing my lavender bags hehe xx

    1. hey Dina! are you all set for Monicas? i can't wait! such a find! hope to see you there! x

  6. You lil' stunner you!

    Love how this was taken at a train station!!

    Super jel that you can sew, I can jst about sew on a button, ha! x

    1. thanks Halima!! was the first thing i made! and I can't wait to make more!! xxx

  7. This skirt is so cute . I'm in love with buttons.
    Noor @ Noor's Place
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